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Zim Grim is a side-comic focusing on Zimmy, and the day she first met Gamma Czarnecki in Birmingham. Unlike most chapters of the comic, this one is entirely without any dialogue. It also shows the world entirely from Zimmy's view, detailing the sort of delusions she has to deal with on a daily basis.


"Zim Grim, a new side comic about the first time Zimmy and Gamma met."


Zimmy is alone in Birmingham, her hometown before she was taken to Gunnerkrigg Court. Already her illusions are playing tricks with her, making other people appear to not have faces, but still appear to stare at her.

As she walks through the streets, it appears to her as if the clouds are converging and display some strange phenomena. To get away from this, she walks into some narrow back-alleys filled with Trash. But even here she is tormented, as three small creatures seem to come out of a dumpster and haunt her. Even as she runs, they still pursue her, until she slaps one of them out of the air and the others stay with it.

Zimmy then encounters a dead-end in the alley. But somehow she can tell the brick wall is not real, and slams her head into it. Finding herself on the other side, she's now surrounded by faceless people, all staring at her without uttering a word. As she walks through a crowd of people she's slowly engulfed by them, and hands reach out from nowhere to pull at her.

Unable to escape, she's trapped by the faceless people that stand all around her, holding her in place. A bright light emerges in the distance, and hastily approaches as a big bull coming straight for her. The closer it comes, the more grotesque it seems, until it just about misses her and the faceless people disappear.

In an instance, Zimmy snaps out of her hallucinations, and the bull is now a car that nearly hit her in the middle of the road. As the driver steps out to see if she's okay, Zimmy takes off running. But she trips over a cornerstone and is about to hit her head. But upon impact she seems to fall through black space and lands (somewhat) safely on the street.

As she walks off, she seems to leave behind a trail of liquid that rises from the ground. She now finds her way into another alley, and hides around the corner for a rest, leaning against a wall. But as she stands there, she begins to melt and the bricks begin to bulge and crack. She turns her head to ignore it. Just then, she hears someone approaching and nervously watch as a shadow rises from beyond the corner as the walls keep moving.

A girl, slightly older than her appears, and where her hand touches the bulging wall, it reverts to its' real shape. Zimmy is left staring. The girl gently walks up to Zimmy and lays a hand on her face, revealing Zimmy's true appearance, tired, bleeding and hurt.

The scene switches to Birmingham Children Hospital, where two men and a woman in suits inquire at the information desk. As they arrive at a patient's room, a logo appear on their suit, revealing they work for The Shadow Men. The patient in the room appear to have escaped out the window, leaving only bloody bandages behind.

Characters and Places Featured

  • Zimmy
  • Gamma
  • Birmingham
  • Zimmyngham
  • Birmingham Children Hospital
  • Unknown members of The Shadow Men

Notes and Trivia

  • The sights Zimmy sees can be explained in a symbolistic way. Best exemplified by the bull that appears to be a car. Other examples are the bloodtrail she leaves appearing as ambiguous liquid, and the three flying creatures in the alley possibly being the stench from some garbage.
  • This chapter was made as a result of Tom's patreon[1] reaching its' second goal.


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