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General Info

Are there any other places like Gillite Wood or The Court out in the rest of the world? and if so do they have any contact with each other?

I believe so. [1]

Are the other institutions in the GKC universe that are aware of, and study, "magic"?

There might be, but there are no other places like the Court. [2]

What year does this take place in?

A current year. [3]

Wait, so if the comic takes place in present day, the rest of the world doesn't know Gunnerkrigg has such advanced robots?

Nope. [4]

If possible, would you please clarify if the Queen who knighted Sir Eglamore is Elizabeth II or some other royal person, real or fictional?

Two answers:

  1. He was knighted by the Queen of England.
  2. The Queen in the story does not exist in real life.


What does the Eugene Gould Psychic Challenge consist of? Did you make it up or is it a real thing?

It's basically the same as the James Randi paranormal challenge.[6]

The definition of magic can vary from comic to comic or show to show or movie to movie. What exactly is magic in your comic?

It is stuff that happens that defies the laws of science. [7]

Can someone change their etheric form or is it more of a permanent thing unless an outside force changes it (like Ysengrin's ear or Annie's cut)?

Changes can happen in the ether, but the physical body is almost completely separate. [8]

Is magic in GC limited to the "gifted" or can anyone use it? How common is it?

It's only available to people with etheric abilities. It's not too common. [9]

About beings in your comic who change shape or possess bodies: Is their mind colored by the new form at all or is it like how a driver is the same no matter what car he drives? If the latter, if they stay in another form long enough does that change?

Sometimes their behaviour can be affected, but the personality is the same. Much like Reynardine. [10]

Does a person's etheric form always reflect their current state (like Annie's ponytail/clothing)?

Yes, pretty much, unless they have a stronger etherial state (like Coyote and Ysengrin). [11]

Would it be incorrect to say that in the case of Gunnerkrigg Court, the word "etheric" is the same as the word "magical"?

Only a little. [12]

Is there anyone else currently living besides Annie who can see the psychopomps?

Sure. [13]

With all the rules that govern the psychopomps (their jurisdiction, how they're allowed to interact with the living, etc) is there some higher authority that enforces these rules?

Yup. [14]

Are etheric beings a little sensitive over being called demons and being treated like animals?

Some of them are, yeah. [15]

In the Gunnerkrigg universe, is it possible to destroy a soul? If no, why did Mort panic when he was threatened with destruction?

It is possible, yes. [16]

Mediums, by definition, straddle the line between the technological and the mystical. Gunnerkrigg's mediums are thus part of the technological world but have mystical powers. Does this mean that Ysengrin has some kind of technological skill?

Mediums are just a representative for a particular side. [17]

Did Annie's fingerprint crush the Apollo landing sites? :<

Yeah, actually. Apollo 17 and Luna 21 :/ Sorry about that. [18]

Does the moon appear to have a giant finger print on it to everyone or is it something on certain people can pick up on? If everyone can see Annie's finger print, is it causing a huge stir outside of the Court?

Everyone can see the fingerprint. People are still puzzling over where it came from. People that care, that is. [19]

You've suggested that dragons (except Sivo's species) suffer either depressed populations or are extinct. Would you mind clarifying which happens to be the case? I'd be very sorry if it were the latter, but it would fit into my expectations.

They are thought to be extinct. [20]

Can any human perform alchemy, or just the ones with etheric talents? (assuming alchemy can be done, since we haven't seen it directly yet)

Anyone can try alchemy. [21]

Does time travel exist in the Gunnerkrigg world?

Maybe if you knew the right people/creatures. [22]

Did the court do anything to cover up the lunar fingerprint?, If not what did the rest of the world think?

solar winds [23]

Can a psychopomp die? How about a god (like Coyote)?

Yes [24]

In [Chapter 28, Page 15], what's the building both Jacks go into? I mean in real life.

The building near the Iron: Man statue is the recently renovated town hall. [25]

Is there any being in the Gunnerkrigg universe that is truly immortal? As in cannot be killed in anyway or fashion.

If there exists such a being in legend, then yes. [26]

In Chapter 20, when it showed Rey over the rabbit he killed, he seemed very sad. What I have to ask is, do the lower creatures (everyday animals) have thoughts and feelings? Can they interact telepathically with the creatures that can speak English?

Their thoughts and feelings are those of animals. The can communicate with other animals in the usual means [27]

When you die in the Gunnerverse do you get the choice to "move on" or stay behind to haunt place? Or are you chosen for that job?

You don't normally get a choice, no. [28]

How do you pronounce Gunnerkrigg? Is it Krig (like dig) or kreeg (like...idk. You get it.)

Good Hope Hospital

Is it common to have that many different guides in a hospital, or it is a Good Hope's peculiarity?

Good Hope has more visiting Guides than other hospitals. [29]

Was Good Hope a Hospice?

Nope. Just a regular hospital. [30]

Blinker stones

Not sure if this has come up before, but are blinker stones common in the Gunnerkrigg universe?

They are about as common as gemstones are in real life. That is to say they aren't unheard of, but you don't really see them around that much.[31]

Can humans make them or do they all come from sources like Mort?

Where they come from is unknown.[32]

Why is spying with a blinker stone not recommended?

Because anyone who knows how to use one, or is able to project their mind in the same way will be able to spot you and you will be caught out. For example, Reynardine caught Annie spying.[33]

Can Mort spy on Annie because he gave her her stone?

Unless you are given permission, you cannot use someone else's blinker stone. Mort can not spy on Annie, even if he wanted to.[34]

If blinker stones are typically given to girls by boys who are affectionate of them, is the reverse true? Do men even use blinker stones, commonly?

It's not too common for a guy to be given a blinker stone, no.[35]

How would one go about obtaining a blinker stone (aside from receiving it from another person as a gift)? Or does this remain to be seen?

You'd have to complete a series of tests to obtain one from someone willing to give one away.[36]

Do all blinker stones produce fire?

All blinker stones are capable of producing fire, yes.[37]

If Annie left her stone on the forest side of the bridge, would she be able to link to it safely?

Yup. [38]

Whether all blinker stones are rubies? I mean that they are all red. If there are blinker stones green like emeralds (Gillitie Wood's floaty sky thing is green, but rather they don't need stones for that kind of child tricks) or violet like amethyst?

Blinker stones are all red. [39]

Do all Blinkerstones have the same tricks?

pretty much [40]

Do blinker stones vary in color?

they can do [41]

If a blinker stone is broken, can anything be done with the pieces? (Or are they indestructible?)

nah, it'll just be broken [42]


What did the Court do with Sivo's body?

Eglamore dealt with the matter in the way agreed on between he and his friend. [43]

What's with the dragon restraints that go through limbs?

That was part of something else. [44]

What did Annie's neighbors think of Reynardine's howl? And on that subject, do they suspect there is something sinister living in her room?

They're pretty used to weird stuff happening. [45]

Do any of your characters sing well? Do YOU sing?

Margo can sing, and also John. I can't. [46]

I have some questions about that crispy boy that Annie helped cross over. How real was the fire? Is the fact that it didn't burn Annie a clue about her nature?

it was all an illusion made from the boy's fears [47]

Who do the initials on [Chapter 16, Page 3] belong to?

Spinach and Beanhead. [48]

Is the fact that that girl asked Annie what the note said a sign that the other kids are becoming more comfortable with her?

She (and the others) really just wanted to know what was in the note. [49]

Do any of the characters dye their hair? If so, who?

nope [50]

Do the Tic-Tocs tic-toc constantly, like a clock, or do they just do it as their version of a bird-call?

They always tick [51]

Do the Annan Waters support a typical ecosystem (fish, turtles, etc.)?

Not really [52]

How much time has passed between "Power Station" and "Spring-Heeled"?

A good few months. [53]

Is Juliette Margo's mother?

No [54]


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