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General Info

Are there any other places like Gillitie Wood or The Court out in the rest of the world? and if so do they have any contact with each other?

I believe so.[1]

How many staff members does the Court employ?

Quite a few. [2]

Is it common for Gunnerkrigg to start the school year with empty spots in some of the houses? Or is it significant that there was a spot in Queslett open for Antimony?

Sometimes classes aren't full when the year starts. It's not significant.[3]

Does [the Court] fall under Royal jurisdiction, like Torchwood? Is the Court mentioned in the Act of the Union?

No, the Court isn't mentioned in the Act of the Union.[4]

Is the train on Chapter 18, Page 12 on the same railway as the secret train from ch 3 or the subway from ch 15?

Nope, just a similar looking train. The train that goes to the Large Animal Holding Cells is a secret.[5]

In the past, was there a village/town that supported the Court until it got swallowed up it the court's expansion.


The nomenclature of "Court". Did the court at any time operate legal juridsdiction, or does it refer to courtyard? Or royal court?

The use of "court" here refers to a formal gathering of people/beings.[7]

Is that the official logo of the court, or is that the logo of their administration department?

It is a logo printed on a form.[8]

Is there a leading religion at the Court, and are there places of worship like temples or churches?

People are allowed to follow their own beliefs, and there are appropriate facilities for them to do so.[9]

Does the Court have an anthem, or any musical representation for great occasions?


How do people enter/leave the Court?

Usually by air.[11]

What's more common: humans becoming residents of Gillitie Wood via the 'program' or Gillitie residents becoming humans via the 'program'?

It's more common for creatures from the wood to become human. [12]

Which covers a larger area: Gunnerkrigg or Gillitie?

Gunnerkrigg. [13]

Gunnerkrigg seems fairly established (and sprawling) since the Diego story arc. Is the Forest still even considered a threat? Or just something to study (and guard against)? The current dean seemed pretty bored with their ambassadors.

Most of the Court don't pay too much mind to the forest. [14]

Does the Court Mediums have freedom to go into Glitie Woods, or they need Court permission to do so? If permission is needed... did Surma always used to sneak out without letting the Court knows?

They should usually ask permission from both sides, really. That's what the sky symbols are for. surma wasn't too big on formality though. [15]

Are the maglev trains the connection between the Court and the regular world and/or are there other ways to come and go? And presumably to receive goods they can't produce internally.

There are some trains that go in and out of the court yeah. [16]

The Court seems to be fairly empty for such a large place, is it? Was there a time it was bustling with activity if so?

It's very empty, yes. It's not been shown what's happened to the other people though. [17]

Do most of the Court students end up having "normal" jobs outside of the Court as adults? Or do most either work inside the Court or work somewhere else equally odd and mysterious?

Some leave the Court, but a lot of them tend to stay. [18]

Does the Court ever expel students for really bad behavior? Would they do the same for some of the more special students from Chester house?

Yes, they would expel a student if they needed to. [19]

The Court seems a little isolated. Has there ever been (or would there be) a time where a major news event happened that the students were unaware of?

Yeah that kind of thing happens all the time. The Court keeps pretty much to itself. [20]

Are most of the students in the Court a bit behind the times when it comes to popular culture because of the isolated nature of the school?

Yeah kinda. [21]

What is the relationship between the Court and the british government? Did the MI6 is aware of the court or about the etheric stuff?

The Court has an agreement with the outside world to be left alone. [22]

Is Gunnerkrigg Court kind of like Hogwarts in that it looks like something else to outsiders? Does the rest of the world know about the 'magical' parts?

The rest of the world doesn't really know what goes on there, no. [23]

Is the etheric studied anywhere in the world, or does the court have a monopoly on it?

The Court is pretty much the focal point for that kind of thing right now. [24]

Eglamore said "Dragon Slayer" is just a title since dragons don't need slaying anymore. Does that mean the first Dragon Slayer (Sir Young I believe) did in fact slay dragons?

Young wasn't the first Dragon Slayer, but he was the first Protector of the Court. But yeah, the old Dragon Slayers had to deal with them there pesky dragons. [25]

Have all the Dragon Slayers up the back through the tradition been male? And on the same topic have the mediums all been female?

Yeah pretty much. [26]

Does it ever snow in the Court or Gillitie?

Yeah, sometimes. [27]

Will we ever find out how the Court is backed financially or is that just not too important to the story?

They aren't backed financially by any external party. [28]

Regarding the part of the Court that is not currently in use, does the Court make any effort to keep it in habitable condition, or are they allowing it to fall into neglect and disrepair?

They don't pay much attention to areas not currently in use. [29]

Does the Court posses any weapons of mass destruction? Nuclear warheads, chemical/biological agents, space-based kinetic impactors, etc?

In a way, yes. [30]

Was the Court once full of people?

Kinda. [31]

Were there once a lot more people in the court than there are now?

Nope. [32]

The Court was founded as a union between technology and ether, and judging by Diego's robots among other things people there used to combine them often. When did the Court start looking down on etheric technology? Are there still any classes on it?

It came about when the Court realised true technology worked independently of magic. [33]

When they realized that magic wasn't necessary for progress and that pure science was all that was needed, did the humans who founded the court also throw away religion, becoming atheists and/or agnostics?

Quite a lot of them did yeah. [34]

Is there a big huge wall around the entire lake? That seems like an odd civil planning decision.

It's a pretty good decision for keeping people away from the lake. [35]

Was Gunner's Crag named after the Artilleryman?

Yep. [36]

Aren't there Court Scientists who would like to requisition Reynardine as a specimen? May there be something going on behind the scenes with someone keeping Coyote's favorite cousin mostly unharmed while somebody else stares longingly at dissection tools?

No really, no. They aren't interested in that line of research. [37]

Have all Gunnerkrigg mediums had relatively 'interesting' lives, or special abilities like Antimony?

Each of them have had etheric abilities, yeah. [38]

We know some of the students used to be fairies or animals in the forest. Is the same true for some of the staff? If not, does that mean adult creatures can't become human?

Yeah some of the staff used to be forest cretures that have grown up as humans. Adult creatures could apply for the change if they wanted. [39]

Does the Court know about the ghost with the sword (which we know is Jeanne)? If so, what do they think of it?

No they don't. At least, no one has mentioned it. [40]

Was the Court not curious about how Robot wound up in the forest? Or did they think he had been there since the big split?

They figured it malfunctioned and left it up to the robot society to deal with it. [41]

Besides the bismuth symbol, there's another Court symbol that looks like an 8 or overlapping circles. Sun and moon, or something else?

It's unity of two worlds. [42]

Pardon if this has been asked, but are there other etheric beings (Like Mrs Sutton) working for the court?

Yeah. [43]

Was the Court created for the use of its current group of occupants (the school and associated research facilities)?

It was created for use by the inhabitants, yes. [44]

Has the court evolved into a military position against the forest?

Not exactly. [45]

Does the Court exist in normal Euclidean space? Judging from the lightning beam on [Chapter 19, Page 15] and the map on [Chapter 27, Page 19], it would seem to occupy a sizable percentage of the UK, if that is indeed the case.

It's a pretty big place. [46]

Are the majority of the buildings at the Court currently in use?

Nope. [47]

This obviously goes against character for both, but if either Jack or Zimmy were to go directly to one the adults in the Court and ask for help, would the adults attempt to help them.

Jack probably. [48]

How come the Court adults did not attempt to retrieve Annie from the Annan Waters themselves?

They were going to but Kat beat them to it. [49]

Had the Court considered the effects Zimmy might have on the other students?

Briefly, yes. [50]

How long ago was the school founded?

Not long after the Court itself was founded. [51]

Does the Court have clearly defined borders other than the Annan waters?

Yep. [52]

Do other students venture out into the Court regularly like Annie and Kat or do they mostly just stick to the school part?

Normally it's difficult to just wander into an area that is not the school. [53]

What goes on in the outside world seems to be a topic that some fans are interested in. My question is, how many students have left the Court, talked about what they’ve experienced there and got sent to an asylum?

None that I know of [54]

Has the Court ever have to deal with foreign powers desiring etheric technology?

not for long, no. [55]

Do the Court staff vote in general elections?

No they dont. [56]

Has the court ever engaged in hostilities (armed or otherwise) with entities or foreign powers other than the forest?

Not officially. [57]

Who established the school part of Gunnerkrigg Court?

The founders, when they realised they needed somewhere to teach the children. [58]

On at least two occasions, someone has wielded a glowing sword. Am I correct in assuming that the development of said sword(s) is due to court technology?

kinda [59]

do staff of the court (like the teachers) know a lot about the court activities, or are they kept aware of just the tiny bit they are involved in?

yup [60]

Do most of the students' parents live/work at the court?

Some of them [61]

Does the Court have any 'special agents' they sent out when they have to get something done for sure? Maybe someone like Agent Smith.

Yup [62]

To whom would the Court liable should one of their charges be injured, or worse?

The parents of said charge, or themselves. [63]

How well maintained is the Court? Are there any areas that have been neglected or abandoned?

It's not very well maintained. Only the areas that are in use see any regular upkeep. [64]

Are there clothing shops in GC? If so, does Katerina get her cool clothing from those shops?

Yup but they aren't really shops [65]

How do the students and faculty of GC obtain their food?

At eating places or delivered to their home [66]

Is English Considered the Dominant Language at the Court?


[Are there] kids who live in the court who do not attend the school?

There are some children who are too young to go to school just yet, but other than that, not really. There are exceptions though [67]

Students and Student Life

How big is the school part of GC? Student wise, I mean.

Excluding 6th form, there are 5 years at the school. Each year has 4 houses, and each house has 2 classes, with 15 boys and 15 girls in each. So around 1,200 students.[68]

Is it more common for higher year students to intermingle?

It is not common at all to even talk to people in a different year to you.[69] It just works out that way.[70]

Please let there be a fish-boy.

There is a fish boy.[71]

Do any of the Court students come from North America? And if that's the case, have we met any of them yet?

I'm sure there are some, but we have not met any. [72]

Do the students with parents at the Court spent much time at home or is that frowned upon?

They can go to their parents house as often as they like. [73]

How do students whose parents didn't attend the Court find out about the place?

The Court invites them. [74]

What are some of the things the students do in their leisure time at the Court? Or, rather, what does the Court allow them to do? Are there recreational areas set up? If so, what kinds?

They just get up to general kid stuff. There are a bunch of facilities for them to mess around with in the Court. [75]

How much free time a day do students in Annie's year usually have?

They get a couple of free periods during the week, but other than that they have the evenings free. [76]

Do students have access to the internet in the court?

Sort of, yeah. [77]

Is the Gunnerkrigg school's guidance counselor terribly busy, or are the students expected to mostly handle their own problems?

They're pretty much expected to deal with it on their own. There are several counsellors if needed, though. [78]

If Gunnerkrigg chooses you as a student, can you or your parents refuse to attend?

Of course. [79]

Are ther any students from Ireland at the Court?

Yup. [80]

Has a student with special powers ever killed or seriously injured another student?

Yes. [81]

How popular is City Face among the Court's students?

They don't know about him. [82]

Aren't the students allowed to wear any clothes of their own?

If they had any, then sure. [83]

What ages correspond to each year, i.e. how hold are you if you are in 7th year, 8th year, etc.?

Yr7 = 11/12, Yr8 = 12/13, Yr9 = 13/14, Yr10 = 14/15, Yr11 = 15/16, etc [84]

Among the characters we've seen, who is the most popular student in Annie's year?

Janet and Willie, probably. [85]

Is there any sort of student government or student council at the court? If so, who are some of the officers?

Yeah and I don't know. [86]

Do the students play any other musical instruments besides Janet's flute and John's guitar?

A few of them play different musical instruments, yeah. Just the usual ones you'd expect. [87]

Considering the number of students with various etheric maladies, does anybody ever attempt to seek out help from the Court staff?

Some do yeah. [88]

Did the Court issue students the same stylish purple coats in Surma's day, as well?

Sure. [89]

Given the cloche hats and trenchcoats, it would seem that the student clothing of the Court was last changed in the 1920s or thereabouts- that seems strange for an institution that is both so modernist and ancient- is there a reason for this?

Redesigning the uniform is not high on the list of priorities. [90]

Does the Court teach children of all ages (etc. from daycares to college and stuff?)

yes [91]

Which house are the older students on [Chapter 18, Page 10] from?

Thornhill, probably [92]

Do kids who used to be animals have a hard time adjusting to being kids? I hope they don't try to eat each other. :|

It's pretty weird at first, yeah. [93]

In Ties there's a lot of anti-magic sentiment, but in the Residential chapter no one has problems with the blinker stone. Do they think it works through technology?

It was pretty cold out, so they didn't really care where the heat came from. Also, they were kind of used to seeing strange things happen at that point. [94]

About what percentage of the Forest-born students decide to go back to their original forms after graduation?

very few% [95]


What are the students in Chester house like? So far we've seen people from Foley, Thornhill and Queslett. Thornhill and Queslett seem to be made up of ordinary kids (well, relatively). Is Chester the same?

Zimmy and Gamma are both from Chester, so that might give some indication.[96]

What determines a student's house assignment?

The Court decides where they all go. [97]

Do the forest transfer students really have no breaks throughout the year? Does that affect what year they are counted as or do they go up one when the other students start their next year?

The kids in Chester and Foley have vastly different schedules to the kids in Queslett and Thornhill. That's also why Brinnie couldn't have lunch with Surma and Anja anymore. [98]

Does the Court make an effort to keep kids in different houses from getting to know each other?

In a way, yes. [99]

What problems does the Court avoid by keeping students of different houses from interacting much?

The usual problems you get when you have a bunch of kids in the same place, I suppose. [100]

Do all the houses have similar standard classes or does it vary a lot by house? Will we find out more about the other houses in-comic or will it generally focus on Queslett House?

Queslett and Thornhill have pretty similar classes. Chester and Foley have completely different classes. [101]

Annie's & Kat's 8QN dorm housing is apparently nested inside a larger structure, but every time we've seen the interior of this structure it's been completely dark. Is it always kept dark? If so, why do the dorms have windows?

It's always dark in there, yeah. the windows are for decoration. [102]

Do I understand correctly the diagram in comic #16 that the Sixth Form students are not divided in four different houses, or in North/South classes? Or does the division of the students continue even in Sixth Form?

No they aren't divided like in the previous years. They are still in classes though, but not really in the same way. [103]

Does Annie´s current room have an adjacent private restroom or does she suffer the inconvnience (and sometimes nightmare) of a single restroom for all dorm rooms?

They have to share a restroom. [104]

Do the students all get single rooms/bunks?

Depends on what year they are in. [105]

It was once mentioned that everyone in [Annie's] class has some sort of specialty (power?), it this true for just her generation/year, or is it generally true for Queslett?

Mainly true for Queslett [106]


What other subjects do Annie and Kat take?

They take the usual and the non-usual classes.[107]

What are the core classes of Gunerkrigg Court?

English, maths, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, technology, and stuff like that. [108]

Are students taught any other languages while at GKC?

Yes, they have language classes. [109]

What languages does the court teach?

All of them, and more if required [110]

The Court teaches all languages? Sci-fi ones, too? Like Klingon and Mando'a?

Yeah if someone wants to [111]

Do all the houses have similar standard classes or does it vary a lot by house? Will we find out more about the other houses in-comic or will it generally focus on Queslett House?

Queslett and Thornhill have pretty similar classes. Chester and Foley have completely different classes. [112]

Do all students learn swordsmanship at some point?

At some point yes. If they want to. [113]

So, when does the Court starting teaching students how to use a sword?

Usually in Year 9, but they have after school clubs too. [114]

Do students in the court learn to drive?

If they want to. [115]

Is there some kind of art or music class in the court?

Sure, loads. [116]

Does the Court have exams?

Yes. [117]

Are there any firearm training classes just like there are sword fighting classes in Gunnerkrigg Court?

yup [118]


Does the world of GC have all of the modern information/communication technology that we have in real life?

Most Inter-Court communication is fairly normal. Telephones, videophones, Intranet, things like that. They have all the modern day communication equipment you might expect.[119]

Do the teachers go to the same place to get their hair cut as the students?


Do the rooms get nicer as the years go up?

Not really, they are just different each year.[121]

What are the school fees of Gunnerkrigg?

There aren't any. The Court choose who they want.[122]

Does Anja had to buy that space... or she asked for it? I mean... this being a school do kids have to pay for stuff (food, haircuts, and other stuff)?

Everything is provided by the Court, including Anja's old work unit.[123]

Does Gunnerkrigg have farm property or, given their pathological fear of trees, hydroponics? Or do they just buy locally?

The Court does have farm property as well as other means to make food.[124]

Eglamore is extremely muscular. Is there a kind of gym in the Court that he works out at?

Yeah, there are gyms in the Court so people can get exercise if they want. [125]

Does the Court have a totally rad swimming pool???

They have many rad swimming pools. [126]


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