Word of Tom regarding all those other tin men.

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Is Montgomery always so vocal? And might we see him again?

Montgomery is about as vocal as any of the other robotz. However, it might not be clear, but he isn't making beeping and booping noises, he's actually saying "boop" and "beep". It's how he talks. [1]

Is there a psychopomp for robots?

Nope, there isn't. [2]

Can robots have psychics abilities ? Being medium, using a blinker stone...

No, they can't. [3]

How much autonomy do the Court robots have?

Full autonomy. [4]

Are the robots like regular employees, reporting to (human) authorities in the court?

No, not really. No more than a lightbulb reports to the people in a room. [5]

I love it that the Model H recites Paradise Lost. Is it just thinking aloud? Or does it run on poetry, etherically?

It just likes to recite poetry. [6]

When did Diego start building robots that could build robots?

After he died the robots figured it out on their own. [7]

So, why didn't the laser cows cut the grass around the monument?

Because it was a monument to Sir Young, whom their creator, Diego, hated very much. [8]

Do the Court robots obey orders from humans? I gather that they do, because S13 said that Annie was the first to ever give him a choice. But otherwise they seem very autonomous.

They pretty much do what they are asked all the time. [9]

When did the Robot King become the leader (?) of the robots, and is there really trouble in the ranks?

He became important when they realised he could show his emotions. Something the other robots aren't that great at doing. [10]

Is it possible for a robot to, through its actions, accrue enough spiritual energy for that energy to coalesce into a new soul - its soul?

Is a pile of meat and bone able to create a soul with the energy in its brain? [11]

Does the robot Jack just killed have a name/ID number so we can mourn for him properly?

"Guard Robot" [12]

Was Guard Robot's cpu destroyed?

Yes. [13]

In Diego's fixed robot fight, the bull certainly seems to be modeled after Sir Young; is the Seraph robot that kills it modeled after anyone?

Diego. [14]

Are there any Court robots not derived from Diego's original designs?

Not really. Not of the ones currently in service. [15]

Has any human in the Court independently duplicated Diego's work in robotics?

Nope. [16]

Who would win in a fight, a real parrot, or one of the robo birds?

The Tic Toc. [17]

Have the Court Robots always been as "alive" as they are today? I have read posts by some people who say that Jeanne deserved what she got for killing Diego's robots.

They have always acted the same way, yes. [18]

Do any of the Court robots recognize the tic toc birds as robots of a different kind?

All the Court robots realise the Tic Tocs are not one of them. That's why they think it is a mythical creature. [19]

What do you imagine the voices of your robots to be like? I mean, do they sound very mechanical or almost human-like or something else?

not mechanical robot voices, just something calm [20]

Are any robots in love (or think they are in love) with Kat at this time [chapter 30]?

yes [21]

Would the Court ever allow a robot turned android to become a student there and be otherwise integrated with the other students? Would they even allow it to exist?

The robots have their own education system [22]

Do Court robots reuse the CPUs from their previous designs as they build new bodies?

Largely yes [23]


What's so bad about boxbot, anyway? What prompted the running gag?

He's terrible.[24]

Is BoxBot the only BoxBot?

No. [25]

Are you surprised by Boxbot's instant popularity?

It only makes me hate him more. [26]

What do boxbots actually do? It seems that they're a kind of super-Roomba, but is that a correct analysis?

They do various things, but mostly infuriate. [27]

Why is boxbot so terrible?

Because he is rubbish. [28]

Are Boxbot and Robox half-brothers?

No. [29]

Why would Diego even create something like Boxbot?

He wasn't the greatest of dudes. [30]

Can boxbot and robox combine?

no [31]


Why do we not see more Robox?

He only appears at the coolest moment. [32]

Are Boxbot and Robox half-brothers?

No. [33]

Was Robox made by Diego? Even he didn't, was it built to make up for Boxbot's terribleness?

Yup [34]

Can boxbot and robox combine?

no [35]


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