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Do Annie and Kat have middle names? If so, what are they?

Kat's middle name is Maria, but Annie doesn't have one. [1]

Does Kat see Reynardine, ShadowTwo and Robot as equals to her? Annie grew up surrounded by magic creatures, but up to their meeting the closest reference Kat had for something like Rey were cartoon talking dogs.

Kat sees Robot as just another court robot, but she knows Annie treats him like a friend, so she does too. She's grown used to Shadow 2 and Reynardine not being human and just treats them normally. [2]

Does Kat know about her mom's psychic powers?

Not really. She has seen her do weird stuff with her computer before though. [3]

I've noticed that you make a habit of changing Kat's hair but leave Annie's hair pretty much the same. Is this because you haven't settled on a style for Kat that you like, or to show a difference in their personalities?

Both, really. Annie's hair has changed slowly over time, but it shows she is kind of stuck in her ways and it takes a lot for her to change. Kat, on the other hand, is open to try something new.[4]

what is Kat's least favorite comic series?

There are many. Kat is very picky about comics. [5]

Kat has a Scottish accent? Does she get that from her father, or...what? She's lived in the Court all her life, so why would her accent be any different from Annie's?

she got it from her father. It is a very mild accent. [6]

Is Annie at all religious? How about Kat? Just curious.

Nope. [7]

Originally Kat was very skeptical of anything "magical". has everything that's happened to date changed her opinion or does she still believe that all etheric occurrences could be explained with science?

She doesn't really know what to think right now. [8]

Who is better with robots, Kat or Jack?

Kat, by far. [9]

Would Kat ever consider owning birds, or would that be too creepy for her? Does she have a favorite species?

Yeah she'd love to have a pet bird. [10]

Did Kat ever talk with her parents about the robots in Jeanne's tomb?

Yup, but not about the stuff the found out from Diego's recording. [11]

Has Kat ever asked Annie why she wears makeup so often?

She's brought up the subject in the past, but Annie always avoided the topic, so Kat just let it be. [12]

Has Kat become so bitter that she no longer cries when she reads Batman?

Yup. [13]

Does Kat know Annie cheats off her papers?

Nope. [14]

Seeing as it’s been in many questions recently, how do you think Annie, Kat, Rey and Mort would respond if they found out they were being paired up?

Kat would think it was funny, Annie wouldn't think much of it, and Mort would be comically embarassed. [15]

What do Annie and Kat do to occupy themselves in their free time in the court?

Plenty of stuff. There is always homework or activities to do. [16]

Did Kat ever question how Rey was able to animate a plush toy and shapeshift it?

Sure [17]

Do the anti-grav devices built by kat use ethernetics?

not sure what those are. If you mean etheric technology, then no. [18]

Did Kat go to a primary school within the court?

yup [19]

Does Kat ever feel awkward talking about her parents around Annie? Does she feel like she could, say, complain about something annoying her mom does without making Annie feel bad about her situation?

She felt kind of awkward about it at first, but she got used to it after a while. [20]

Since Kat has the coolest action figures does she have a Walter Skinner?

She could never find one. [21]

Could Kat see Jeanne when she rescued Annie in chapter 8?

Nope. [22]

This is probably a dumb question, but is Kat's specialty her talent for technology? (You said that everyone in Queslett has one.)

yup [23]

was Kat a little jealous of Annie getting a note from Jack?

maybe [24]

Who would win if Annie and Kat had a fight? (Not the arguing kind)

Annie [25]

What's Kat's favorite food?

Chocolate, probably [26]

What is Annies' favorite season? And Kat's?

Probably summer [27]

Since Kat likes birds and machines, would a robotic bird really excite her?

She'd think it was pretty neat [28]

How high is Jonathan Frakes on Kat's list of guys she likes from old (from her perspective) TV shows?

It pains her that she cannot say Number One. Quite high though. [29]

Do Annie and Kat ever visit Basil?

Soemtimes [30]

I've inferred that Kat likes the Prodigy and Sparklehorse. What other music does she like?

Orbital and a bunch of others [31]

what's kat's favorite disney movie?

Lilo and Stitch [32]


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