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When exactly are our heroines' birthdays? Not tellin'! Thread 40 at GC Forum
Then where were they born? Annie was born in a hospital called Good Hope, and Kat was born in Scotland shortly before her parents moved back to the Court. Thread 40 at GC Forum
What sort of regional accent does Annie have? She has Kate Rusby's accent. Thread 40 at GC Forum
Try to imagine Rusby's speaking accent as if someone has tried to rid it with a deft scrubbing of a wire brush. Also take out any slang and colloquialisms and you'd be about there. Thread 141 at GC Forum
You've described Annie's accent/voice as being similar to Kate Rusby's. Can Annie sing as well? Has she ever tried? No she can't sing at all. Tom Siddell (gunnerkrigg) at Formspring. Dead Link.
Tom why did you name her Antimony in the first place? ... Is there some property of antimony that somewhat reflects a quality of Antimony? As you've guessed... I won't be giving away anything but I can say that Annie's name wasn't chosen just because it sounds nice. Thread 40 at GC Forum
Is it a coincidence that Antimony's name and nature both seem to reflect the word "antidote"? As for Carver acting like "antidote"... I don't quite see the connection. Thread 40 at GC Forum
How do you pronounce Antimony's name? Emphasis on which syllable? An-Ti-Mo-Nee. Like alimony. Thread 40 at GC Forum
Does Annie wear perfume at all? No she doesn't. Thread 40 at GC Forum
But does she smell nice anyway? I'm sure she smells like a 12 year old girl. Thread 40 at GC Forum
Is the entire tale being told by Annie after the eventual end of her story, or is each chapter narrated by the Annie that just experienced it? Carver is currently narrating the story, even if there are no obvious dialogue boxes. From what point she is narrating, however, remains to be seen. Thread 40 at GC Forum
Annie came to the Court a few weeks after classes had begun, didn't she? Annie actually started about half way through the first year. Thread 40 at GC Forum
Does Annie have any extended family? On her father's side, yes. Thread 40 at GC Forum
I would assume that Annie no longer has any living grandparents, or other relatives. Am I correct in thinking this? She probably has some living relatives on her father's side. Thread 361 at GC Forum
Does Annie have any extended family? Any grandparents, aunts or uncles that could take her in or even be a parental figure of some sort? If she has relatives, she has never met them. Tom Siddell (gunnerkrigg) at Formspring. Dead Link.
How old was Annie when she assisted in resolving the dispute between the Moddey Dhoo and Mallt-y-nos? She was probably about 5 or 6. Thread 40 at GC Forum
How old was Annie when she first arrived at the Court, and how old is she now? She'd just turned 12. She is now 13. Tom Siddell (gunnerkrigg) at Formspring. Dead Link.
In Chapter 18, Page 18, Annie is wearing the blinker stone as a necklace. Does she still wear the antimony symbol necklace her mother gave her? I thought she wore it all the time, but perhaps she only wore it sometimes to begin with. No, she still wears the antimony pendant. She has two necklaces on in this chapter. Thread 361 at GC Forum

General Info

Does Annie just really like necklaces?

Yeah she does actually.[1]

Fifth panel of the last Cherry Tree comic. Are they kissing?

No they are not kissing.[2]

Is Antimony and Surma's hair color normal in their reality?

It's not particularly common, no.[3]

Has Annie ever tried playing video games besides that one time with Kat?


Does Annie have a favorite video game? If so, what game is it?

She was very impressed by Shadow Of The Colossus. As was Reynardine.[5]

Is Annie still scared of videogames after that bad experience with GTA?

No, not really.[6]

In a couple of the pages Annie is shown using what appear to be self-defense/fighting techniques. Who taught her? Or did she teach herself?

Her dad showed her a bit at first, but martial arts is taught during PE so she learns with the rest of her classmates.[7]

What are Annie's favorite (traditional) subjects in school? How does she feel about the Court's science classes after some of the supernatural things she's seen and experienced lately?

She enjoys history. She like chemistry and biology but isn't too fond of physics.[8]

Has Annie used her Blinker Stone to escape boring lectures?


Does Annie still have the signal beacon Eglamore gave her? If so, does she always carry it when she goes into the Forest? Does she carry it at any other times?

She still has it, and has to have it on her when she is in the forest. She keeps it on her desk in her room.[10]

If your characters were described as chess pieces, which would Katerina and Antimony be?

Knight and bishop?[11]

Is there a specific reason Surma made Annie's doll a wolf?

The element Antimony is sometimes depicted as a white wolf in alchemical pictorals.[12]

What's Annie's favorite food? How about Kat's?

Kat will eat anything, or at least try anything. Annie prefers processed meals because fresh/raw stuff makes her nervous.[13]

Why does fresh food make Annie nervous?

Because who knows if it's been cleaned properly or where it came from.[14]

What brand of makeup does Annie use?

Gunnerkrigg Court brand, probably.[15]

Is Annie more powerful, etherically, than her mother? Or does she at least have the potential to be?

Right now she isn't.[16]

Are there other pecularities of Annie that could be traced back to her childhood in the hospital? Like, does she smell like she uses a lot of anti-bacterial soaps and strong detergents?

She likes walking around in bare feet when nobody else is around because she used to do it all the time in Good Hope. She likes the feel of tiled floor on her feet.[17]

Antimony seems to have a harder time forming relationships with other people (like the standoffishness of other students in Residential), yet it seems she has caught the fancy of several beings (Rey, Mort, Coyote, and Kat). What draws the latter to her?

Etheric beings are drawn towards her because of her inate ability. Kat just thinks she's really nice.[18]

Is Annie afraid (not cautious, afraid) of Coyote or Reynardine? She's prob'ly pretty scared of Ysengrin; he's big and scary and grumpy.

She is cautious of Coyote, but she has grown accustomed to Reynardine.[19]

Obviously Annie's make up is a spoiler for the comic... But I'm wondering, could you say if she enjoys wearing it? (And if yes, does she?)

She likes to wear it, yes.[20]

Do Annie and Kat have middle names? If so, what are they?

Kat's middle name is Maria, but Annie doesn't have one.[21]

If an attractive and well-mannered young chap were, hypothetically, to ask Annie to the picture show (or whatever equivalent might be available for students of the Court) with genuine intentions, what would her reaction be?

She would probably agree to go. And also take Kat with her.[22]

When she came to the Court Annie knew a lot about mythology, spoke some languages, and was apparently well-read. Had she learned much in the way of math and science?

Not really. She learned the basic stuff and picked up where she left off when she went to school.[23]

In retrospect does Annie think she should have taken Kat's offer to spend the previous summer with her family?

She regretted it the moment Kat left.[24]

I've noticed that you make a habit of changing Kat's hair but leave Annie's hair pretty much the same. Is this because you haven't settled on a style for Kat that you like, or to show a difference in their personalities?

Both, really. Annie's hair has changed slowly over time, but it shows she is kind of stuck in her ways and it takes a lot for her to change. Kat, on the other hand, is open to try something new.[25]

What would Antimony do if she were being cornered or bullied and didn't have Reynardine around to scare them away? Would she let harsh words bother her for a long time?

It depends on the situation. She knows that at the very least she can call her blinker stone to her (if it wasn't already around her neck) and set the immediate area, or herself, on fire. The temperature of the fire would depend, like I said, on the situation.[26]

Did Annie's parents tell her much about the Court while she was growing up?

No, not really. She just knew it as a place her parents went to school, and where she would be going.[27]

What sort of stuff has Annie been doing in her medium classes lately [as of chapter 27]?

A lot of "etheric history" and study of super normal creatures/beings.[28]

What kind of music does Annie like?

She likes some English folk music.[29]

Why does Annie prefer older books?

She had a lot of them when she was in Good Hope.[30]

Is Annie equally angry with all psychopomps? Are there some whom she bears no hard feelings toward? Any she considers friends?

She's pretty much angry at them all. [31]

Does Annie know why the psychopomps didn't take her mother, or will she find out when we do?

No she doesn't know. [32] (Note that this question is now answered: Chapter 31, Page 16)

Even living in a hospital, it's hard to believe that Annie wouldn't know about certain video games and popular music (i.e. cultural trends). Is there are any other reason why she seems so isolated from modern society?

Mainly because she spent her days being taught by her mom. [33]

Is Annie self-conscious of her walking & talking teddy for the sake of her own image or Kat's (by association)?

She just thinks people will think it's odd if they see him. [34]

Does Annie have her blinker stone with her or does she not need it for such a short distance etheric projection? [Chapter 27, Page 14]

She wears the blinker stone around her neck most of the time. [35]

Has Annie cheated at other times besides chapter 17?

Yep. [36]

Is Annie's thieving more or less prevalant than you show in the comic? I.E., does she steal/cheat regularly, or is what we've seen more of the exception?

It's only minor, but it does happen. [37]

Is Annie using her etherized self to power the boat tiring her at all? I mean, is it easier and faster than rowing or is she just helping out to pick up the pace? [Chapter 27, Page 14]

She's only able to push it a little. Jack is still rowing. [38]

Has Annie shown Kat her etheric form matter moving trick yet? Has Kat attempted to measure the gravitons, quacks and gluons of it yet? Did Kat use a technobabblemumboscifi-o-meter on Annie yet?

She's show it to Kat, yes, but Kat hasn't had a chance to study it yet. [39]

When Annie lived in Good Hope, did she see/talk to her father very much?

Yes, when she could. [40]

Are either Jack or Annie at all attracted to the other?

That's not really on their minds right now. [41]

Why didn't fake-Kat GOP when Annie touched her in Zimmieland?

Because Annie was not strong enough. [42]

Was the fake Kat in Zimmy's world created by Annie's mind?

Possibly. [43]

Does Annie ever wonder why Coyote calls her fire head girl?

Not really. She figures it's because she has red hair. [44]

Is Annie at all religious? How about Kat? Just curious.

Nope. [45]

Why is Annie angry when Jones comments on Eglamore taking her tie off? It seems like he'd have more reason to be offended than she would.

She was angry with Eglamore. [46]

Could Annie fly by having her ethereal self lift her physical self?

That seems to be possible in the future, yes. [47]

Does the Coyote Tooth-Sword have a sheath?

Yes. The sheath is what you can see when Annie looks at it. [Chapter 26, Page 24] [48]

Does Annie know how Surma died?

No. (Note: this has now been answered. Chapter 31, Page 16)[49]

Did Annie learn about RFID from Kat?

She knows about locks. [50]

To open the control room door in [Chapter 27, Page 18], did Annie's etheric form go in through the window or did she "phase through" the door/wall?

Through the window. [51]

Will we ever see the bonsai again...?

Nah, that was homework Annie handed in ages ago. [52]

After Annie's experience in Zimmy's Birmingham, were her eyes experiencing a temporary visual metaphor?

Nope. [53]

How many trenchcoats does Annie have?

Two or three. [54]

Why hasn't Annie told Rey about his body in the forest?

She has. [55]

Is Annie always able to see the psychopomps or could they be invisible to her if they wanted to?

She can see them pretty much all the time. [56]

Is there a particular reason Annie wears makeup?

Yes [57]

Has Kat ever asked Annie why she wears makeup so often?

She's brought up the subject in the past, but Annie always avoided the topic, so Kat just let it be. [58]

How big a production is it for the Court when Annie decides to enter Gilitie?

It's not such a big deal if she is just going over. Jones usually sorts it all out and Eglamore takes her over. [59]

What did Annie think of the Ballad of Reynardine's story? Did she think it was all bull, did she mention it to Reynardine?

She thinks it's a nice song. [60]

What colour car would Annie drive?

She doesn't mind. [61]

Has Annie tried making the blinker stone do anything that turned out to be beyond its limits?

She's played around with it, yeah. [62]

Did Annie truly think Jones was a robot?

Yup. [63]

Jones told Annie to inform her of who Jeanne was, once she had figured out the whole story. Has she done that, yet?

No. but then Annie doesn't feel she's resolved the issue. [64]

Had Annie talked with Surma before she died about who Surma's psychopomp would be?

Nope. Surma always avoided the subject. [65]

Had Annie met any etheric beings other than the psychopomps before coming to school?

Yeah, but mainly ghosts. [66]

Are there topics of conversation that Annie avoids when talking with Reynardine?

She doesn't talk to him about her mother very often. [67]

Are there any creatures that Surma warned Annie never to approach?

Yeah she taught her all about dangerous creatures too. [68]

Did Annie have any friends to play with back when she was growing up in the hospital?

Not really. [69]

Does Antimony know how fortunate she is to have such good friends, even if one of them is a killer spirit stuck in a toy?

She thinks she is very lucky to have good friends. [70]

Seeing as it’s been in many questions recently, how do you think Annie, Kat, Rey and Mort would respond if they found out they were being paired up?

Kat would think it was funny, Annie wouldn't think much of it, and Mort would be comically embarassed. [71]

Did Annie's fingerprint crush the Apollo landing sites? :<

Yeah, actually. Apollo 17 and Luna 21 :/ Sorry about that. [72]

Was Annie's change in attitude towards Jack influenced by her experiences with Ysengrin last chapter? Like, is she trying to be less quick to judge people?

Yups. [73]

What do Annie and Kat do to occupy themselves in their free time in the court?

Plenty of stuff. There is always homework or activities to do. [74]

How long was Surma in the hospital? And how long did Antimony live there with her?

12 years. [75]

Has Annie ever used a computer in her life?

y[es] [76]

Annie is narrating the story. Has she ever told us a direct lie?

the reader? no [77]

What did Annie say about the lunar fingerprint?

She described what happened. [78]

The blinker stone Muut provided for Annie, did that once belong to her mother?

Nope [79]

What is that black thing that Annie is wearing in [Chapter 27, Page 5] called? What's it made of?

It is a short sleeved shrug. [80]

How does Annie support herself? Is her schooling already payed for, or does she have a source of money?

Her father has made sure everything she needs is provided for her. [81]

does Annie love her father?

Yes she does. [82]

You said Annie told Reynardine about his body in the woods, and he also knew about the Mort incident even though he wasn't there. Does Annie keep any secrets from Rey?

She keeps secrets from him, yeah. [83]

How often did Annie get to spend time with her father at Good Hope?

Her dad was pretty busy all the time but he did stop by as often as he could. [84]

Who would win if Annie and Kat had a fight? (Not the arguing kind)

Annie [85]

How far could Annie go with her ether-self? Could Coyote or Ysengrin or Reynardine go farther?

One can never go too far [86]

What are Annie's favorite hobbies (if she has any?)

She likes doing whatever Kat is doing [87]

Did Annie get her habit of going barefoot from Surma?

yup [88]

If Annie found a genie in a lamp, what would be her three wishes?

She'd think about asking where her dad is, but would probably just destroy the lamp instead. She's read all the stories about lamps and genies before. [89]

Why does Antimony seem to take things so passively?

She's seen strange stuff happen before. [90]

What is Annies' favorite season? And Kat's?

Probably summer [91]

Why did Annie pull Gamma away from Jack? Was she afraid that he would get gopped or something? [Chapter 28, Page 17]

She was jealous. [92]

Did Annie ever talk to her dad about the pyschopomps when she was little?

Not really, no. [93]

Was Annie just lucky to only get a cut on her face from Jeanne? Or was it more than that?

She was pretty lucky [94]

Does Antimony miss cuddling or having the white toy wolf to herself after Reynardine possessed it?

She figured it was time to grow out of it [95]

If Annie spotted Aly-bird on one of her forest visits would she tell Kat or keep it to herself?

She'd probably mention it. [96]

Do Annie and Kat ever visit Basil?

Sometimes [97]

Is Annie athletic (can throw people) or not (can't run far)?

She's just normal for a girl her age. [98]

What's Annie's favorite fiction novel?

The Valley of Horses [99]

What does Annie want to become when she grows up?

she doesn't know [100]

Does Annie have a thing for Jack now?

She doesn't know. [101]


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