Tom Siddell.

Thomas "Tom" Siddell is a British comic artist, most notably known as the creator of the online comic Gunnerkrigg Court. Answers to many fan questions regarding his comic has been collected as the Word of Tom.



Tom at San Diego Comic Con 2010

As a child, Tom used to live in America with his sister and parents. He would occasionally visit his mother's hometown in Spain.[1] It is unknown when he moved. Tom has lived in Birmingham, England at least since April 2005.

He began to release Gunnerkrigg Court on April 4, 2005. On February 22, 2011 he made a Tumblr account where he posts a majority of the drawings he makes which do not appear on his website[2]. On March 16, 2012 he quit his job[3]to work on GKC full time.

On August 28, 2013 he got a letter that said his house would be sold despite him still living there[4]. He was officially given an eviction notice on September 11[5], and moved to his new home on December 15[6].

On July 6, 2014, Tom made a Patreon page[7] which reached $1000 within one day. By July 9 it had reached $3000 per month, leading to the announcement that he will do one more side-comic than he planned. The first to be released was Annie In The Forest, to be followed soon by one featuring Zimmy and Gamma[8]. As of March 19, 2015, the Patreon yields about $5600 per month.

On 1. January 2015 he revealed that he's also writing the story for the Munchkin comic book.[9]

He frequently visits several places in the English world to promote his comic, most frequently MCM and Thought Bubble.

Tom in the comic

Me and Tea at school

This might be the only time in the comic that Tom's face is shown

There is also a cartoon version of Tom who attended Gunnerkrigg Court at some point and was an acquaintance of Tea. He has only appeared on four pages of the comic and on one piece of GC artwork, so his connection to the continuity of the comic is tenuous. The real-life Tom has promised that he will never insert himself into the comic, and that any page featuring the cartoon Tom is therefore non-canon.



  • Tom leaves a (Usually sarcastic or darkly humorous) comment underneath almost every page of the comic.
  • Tom has a love-hate relationship with the internet, especially internet culture. He dislikes most memes and has set up the official forums to automatically replace chat-speak with humorous quotes. He has also mocked internet comment sections in the City Face comic.
  • Ysengrin is one of his favorite characters to write and draw.[10].
  • He likes pigeons and enjoys games such as Bioshock Infinite and Red Dead Redemption.
  • At one point he had his appendix removed at Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham[11].
  • He hates Boxbot

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