ROTD door

The door into the ROTD

The Realm Of The Dead or ROTD (which they prefer, rather than TROTD) is a department that deals with and keep records of people who have died but not passed on to the ether, such as ghosts. They also keep records of people and what they chose as their final words before venturing into the ether.

They also allow the "unjustly dead" who have not made a mark on the world to do so after death by creating the essance of ghost stories. Though the realm of the dead is really made of illusions similar to a "ghost house" attraction, the ether makes it real and thus the stories it inspires keeps spirits in the minds of the living.

In order to get into ROTD one must simply say "I am a ghoooost" into the keyhole of any door, anyone can do it so long as they say it properly.


  • There are at least three libraries in the ROTD. One regular one, containing information on ghosts in general. One about special cases. And one for Final records where they keep recordings of a persons final words. This library is restricted.
  • Vampire guy's room. It is unknown what this room actually is for, it might be the head of staff's office.

Differing Views

The ROTD appears different depending on who's looking. Truth is that everything is just costumes and planks, but the ether makes people percieve it as something more than that.

Katerina Donlan's View

When in the ROTD, Kat's view of things greatly resembles an amateurish ghosthouse consisting of cardboard cut-outs, rubber masks, bats and spiders. This is very similar to, and might even be exactly what it actually is, perhaps reflecting Kat's strictly logical mind.

Annie and Mort's View

It is not known if Annie and Mort has the same view, but they seem to be very similar. Mostly, what they see is very scary and impressive. What appears to Kat as an old camcorder looks more like a giant eyeball in a fleshy mouth walking on bony legs that projects symbols into the air.

Gallery Comparing the Views

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