Ether Station

The Power Station, or Ether Station, is an installation in The Court that is featured in Chapter 19, Chapter 27 and Chapter 28: Spring Heeled, Part 2.

E-station map

Map of stations and antenna arrays

Though only one has been seen, there is an entire network of them. The one seen is located on an island at the center of an artificial lake surrounded by a high wall.

The power station somehow extracts etheric energy from the earth, then filters and transmits it through antenna arrays, this is seen as an intense beam stretching into the horizon.

The known station collects energy through evaporating water somehow, though others might work differently.

Collective state

The Ether station in action

The purpose of extracting etheric energy is only known to be for unknown experiments. Every now and then it releases ether into the air and it starts to rain, this rain is sometimes able to relieve Zimmy of her hallucinations, though it can also make it even worse, so much that she'll end up in Zimmyngham.


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