The Greeting Hall is a point of rendezvous between Gunnerkrigg Court and Gillitie Wood. Representatives from both the forest and the court come to discuss issues between the two, or make announcements.


It first appeared when Coyote and Ysengrin appeared in the Court to confront them about one of their people dying on Annan Bridge earlier that year. During the meeting Ysengrin freaked out, and tried to attack Antimony Carver. It was also revealed that Annie, George Parley and Andrew Smith were to study as a medium to replace the late Surma Carver

Roughly one and a half year later, it appeared when the court were to declare the new medium. The result was naming Andrew as the new medium and Parley to train as the medium's protector. Coyote also resigned Ysengrin as the forest's medium and named Antimony as the new one.



  • The Tapestry behind the headmaster has the symbols of bismuth, what appears to be an infinity symbol and an eye..


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