Back row, left to right: James, Donald, Anthony. Front row: Surma, Anja, Brinnie.

That Photo is a photograph depicting the previous generation at about age 12 or 13, when they were attending school at the Court together.

The individuals pictured in the photo:

The positioning of the six of them may be indicative of romantic pairings:

  • Anja is in front of Donald in the photo. They are currently married.
  • Surma is in front of James in the photo. Other evidence has corroborated that they were a couple for some time.
  • Brinnie is in front of Anthony in the photo. It was later revealed by Donald that Brinnie developed a crush on Anthony, though it appears to have been unreciprocated.


It's unknown who the photo originally belonged to, but it first appeared in the possession of Anja and Donald Donlan (it is likely there are multiple copies of the photo, six being a reasonable number). They showed the photo to Antimony Carver after hearing of her father's disappearance. Presumably, this was to establish their history with Annie's parents and gain her trust.

Antimony then absconded with the photograph. Whether the theft was intentional or she simply took the picture unconsciously is unknown—and irrelevant, as she did not return it.

After the parlay with the Wood, Annie took out to photo again to examine it, presumably in light of her realization that Eglamore and her mother were once a couple. Reynardine saw this, and was rather surprised at Annie's act of theft.


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