Sir Young was one of the founders and the first Protector of the Court.[1]


Sir Young participated in the founding of the court, with the use of the Seed Bismuth, as well as the scheme to have Jeanne and her lover killed, though it is not certain what role he played in these events, but most likely he did play a major role.

At some point, as he was named the Court's protector, he somehow took a Rogat Orjak, named Nevihta as a partner, thus establishing this as tradition for the protector of the court.

Old Young

Sir Young as he appears old after death.

In a recording of him taken in The Realm Of The Dead he states that the things he had done were for the better good and that he believes his goal to make The Court safe was successful.


Young's Park was named after him; there is a monument to him and Nevihta there.[2]

In The Tomb, there is a robot made to represent him, which the robots have taken to call a terrible demon.

None of the robots created by Diego, nor their modern counterparts, seem to like him, possibly due to Diego's belief that he had been forced into the plan to murder Jeanne's lover by Young.[3] This goes so far that the Laser Cows won't go near his monument, and when the Bullbot is discovered, it is covered with a sheet to avoid upsetting visitors.

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