The Shadow People are shadowy beings who live in Gillitie Wood.

In legend, the Shadow People were created by Coyote, who meant to make humans, but laughed halfway through the creation process and instead created "glass-eyed men", the Shadow People. He came to see his own creations as imperfect compared to humans and then forget about them entirely. The shadow people eventually became shadows themselves when they faded from memory.


The Shadows cannot survive in lighted places, such as the lighted bridge over the Annan Waters, without a shadow to hide under. Shadow people can die, as seen with the death of the unnamed Shadow at the end of Chapter 7.

Shadow people are shown to hate humans, trying to attack The Court with two bound dogs, and shunning Shadow 2 for not hating them.

Shadow Characters

  • Shadow 2
  • Unnamed Shadow, may or may not be the first shadow Annie met
  • Many Shadows appear to watch Antimony when she visits Coyote in Gillitie Woods in Chapter 20.


  • There is a reference to eyes of glass in the song The Garden of Jane Delawney by the British folk band Trees: Though the rose is fair / Don't pluck it as you pass / For a fire will consume your hair / And your eyes will turn to glass. Tom is known to like British folk music and put references to it in his work.


Most appearances of Shadow 2 not shown.

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