Youdontevenknowhername "You don't even know her name?!"
This article is about a person or group whose proper name is unknown. The title of the article is either their job title or nickname given by others.


An unnamed Shadow introduced in Chapter 7.

Shadow 3 possessed the Robot that Antimony sent across the bridge in Chapter 1. He tried to capture Reynardine while crossing the bridge over the Annan Waters, but failed. When Eglamore destroyed Robot with his sword on Chapter 7, Page 22, he also killed Shadow 3 because Shadow 3 no longer had a shadow to attach to on the well-lit bridge. As a creation of the Native American Spirit Coyote he was most likely collected by Muut who showed up not long after.

Antimony believed the unnamed Shadow to be Shadow 2, until she met Shadow 2 again in Chapter 8, thus why he is nicknamed "Shadow 3" (for continuity's sake.)

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