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The Robot King is an officious robot who is the robot authority in some areas [1].

He is carried on a palanquin accompanied by a robot who plays random notes.

His title implies he's the highest authority, but that has not been confirmed.

Character Traits

He has a blank plate as a face with a flat crown screwed on top of it. He can expresses emotions by drawing on this plate in a marker pen.

Interestingly, he accepts Kat as the "Angel" well before the S-Model robots do.


According to the Word of Tom, the Robot King became important when he learnt how to express his emotions.[2]

After the rumor about The Tomb starts spreading, it doesn't take long before Sky Watcher informs King about it. King arrives to inspect the tomb. He then took Kat with him to the Robot Infrastructure so she could help interpret one of Diego's recordings, where it becomes clear that despite claiming to love Jeanne, he was instrumental in engineering the plan to kill her.

When Kat is forced to make a body for the ship, King is one of the first to be informed.

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