Doctor Randy Disaster is a teacher in charge of the Spacemonauts simulations. He is apparently a fan of cheesy science-fiction, and thus incorporates B-movie like elements in his simulations and styles himself as a stock "mad scientist" character. According to Tom Siddell, he has a "Top Secret Doctorate". [1]

He first appears as one of the main characters of a chapter named after him. He later returns in Chapter 23: Terror Castle Of The Jupiter Moon Martians.

Jones says he is smitten with her. In return, Jones addresses him by his first name and invites him to watch a Vincent Price movie with her at one point. At the very least, Jones considers Randy a friend. They make a curious match considering her stoic demeanor and his penchant for being overly dramatic.

It is theorised that "Randy" is short for "Random", though his nickname works equally well.

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