George Parley (commonly known simply as Parley) is a student three years older than Antimony Carver in Thornhill house. She is currently in training to become the Protector of the Court.


George is a young woman of above average height with fair skin, a lean muscular build, an aquiline nose, dark eyes and dark brown hair. Her hair is long, with the front cut and styled into a bang. When she wears her hair tied up into a ponytail, which is more often than not, the ends of her hair form a swirl.

Following her trip with Eglamore, her build has grown far bulkier and brawnier from intense physical training.


Right before her birth her father, George Parley, Senior, the only man ever to officially complete the Eugene Gould Psychic Challenge, chose to demonstrate his powers by trying to predict all the information relating to his child's birth. So confident was he that he went so far as to fill out the birth certificate before the child was even born. When the child came, everything on the certificate was accurate, except the sex. The sex on the certificate was changed, but the name was kept, allegedly for the humour of the situation. Though usually a masculine name, George can also be feminine.

In Volume 1, Parley trains alongside Smith and Antimony Carver to be court medium, as Parley Senior predicted that his child would share his psychic ability. When her ability finally manifests, provoked by Jones, it turns out that she can apparently distort space (e.g., for teleportation). She can teleport herself, carried clothes and items, and at least three nearby people and a stuffed animal along with her, and for quite a distance at that (from Randy Disaster's simulation lab to her bedroom).

After her first rather embarrassing display of her powers, she tries to get them into control and avoiding Andrew. This ends when Jeanne shocks her into admitting her feelings towards Andrew and taking charge of the situation, with the happy side effect of getting the hang of teleporting in the process.

In her own year, she is friends with Lily Cooke and January. For a while, she hides her relationship with Andrew from them, out of embarrassment for being in a relationship with someone younger than herself. After being inspired by Robot and Shadow 2's relationship, she reveals her relationship to her friends.

When Smith becomes court medium, Parley is appointed his protector. She spends a great deal of time training with Eglamore.


Parley (as she to be known) is an outgoing, flamboyant person, prone to snide remarks. Her loud demeanor is a stark contrast to the much more reserved Andrew Smith, whom she is often seen with and refers to as Smitty, much to his chagrin. As everyone in the Gunnerkrigg universe knows, Parley and Andrew are totally gonna get married [1].


Parley is a skilled swordswoman, particularly at the art of liechtenauer or longsword fencing.[2]

She also has the ability to teleport, though her abilities are more precise when Andrew is around.[3][4] She can't teleport to any place she doesn't know of, but can teleport to any person she knows even if she isn't aware of their precise location.[5]

Later, Eglamore teaches her how to open channels in her body that grant her superhuman strength. She can leap great distances and punch through brick walls.



  • Her name may refer to the word "parley", meaning a conference or discussion, especially between warring parties; a reference to both her training as a medium and the fact that she is one of the most outspoken characters of Gunnerkrigg Court. It may also be a play on the word "parry", given her talent as a swordswoman.


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