Muut is the first Psychopomp introduced, and the most central one to date. He has a native-american's body and the head of an owl.


The earliest known event in his existence (relevant to the comic) is meeting Annie in Good Hope Hospital, where he was to guide Mrs. Tolikna to the afterlife. He immediately recognized Antimony as Surma's daughter and asked her to join him. Muut visited her several other times, and even introduced her to other afterlife guides.

He later appeared to Mort and asked him to give Annie a Blinker stone as a present, which he could deliver for him. This is because he and the other Psychopomps seem powerless to contact Jeanne, and had decided they needed the help of a living.

After Annie attended Gunnerkrigg Court, the first known time she met Muut was when she was trapped the ravine of Annan Waters in Chapter 8: Broken Glass and Other Things. Shadow 3 had been killed on the bridge in the previous chapter, and it would be his job to guide them. Since Annie was in the area he decided to visit her to give her the Blinker stone and shortly informed her of Jeanne before leaving.

His next appearance was in Chapter 21: Blinking. Annie squished a bug to contact Ketrak whom then sent Muut to her and Kat. He gave more information on Jeanne and told them he gave her the stone because they needed her help with Jeanne. He then agreed to have a letter delivered to Mort as a small favour. This letter was delivered by a big group of frightening spectres.

At some point after this Muut reported to The ROTD that the name of The Ghost of Annan Waters was Jeanne.


Muut is originally from Cahuilla mythology where it would usualy be depicted as an owl. He is one of the Nukatem, creatures made in the begining by the Mukat.

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