Mercury is a toxic, silvery-gray metallic element, one of the few metals that is a liquid at room temperature and pressure. Also known as quicksilver, it is used in thermometers and various other devices.

In Alchemy

Mercury was thought, because of its ability to transcend the liquid and solid states, to transcend heaven/earth and life/death. Mercury is represented by what might be best described as "a Y with a crossbar" or by what looks like the female (Venus) symbol with horns on top. Mercury is used in light bulb, batteries, possibly used in any electric device

In Gunnerkrigg Court

Appearances of the mercury symbol in the comic:

Mercury, or at least the mercury symbol, seems to be strongly linked to Reynardine, given that it appears almost exclusively on his "body". In addition, its presence on the poster may indicate that mercury is involved in etheric studies undertaken at the Court (similar posters have been known to appear elsewhere in the school).

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