Lindsey, a merostomatozon, is a huge crab-like creature that lives in the Year Nine dorms. Lindsey is introduced in the chapter From the Forest She Came. Lindsey communicates via a computer terminal in her moon pool.

Lindsey reports that she was hired as a consultant by the Court and also has a PhD in structural engineering. Lindsey is an "accredited couples therapist" as well, and she helps Kat and Annie makeup in Chapter 32.

Lindsey has a relationship of her own, being married to another crab-like creature named Bud (probably another merostomatozon) who looks after the boys' dorms. In addition, a portion of Lindsey's brain works in a different dimension. She is also incapable of feeling loneliness.


Lindsey is a huge, red crab-like creature with many claws, forty-seven eyes, and fifteen "not-eyes!"


The only thing known about Lindsey's life prior to her introduction is that she studied in structural engineering and was married to Bud. She and Bud lived with other merostomatozon but left because they wanted something more. She has for an unknown time been admired by the Court Cruise ship also apparently knew Anthony Carver and Surma Carver[1]

Role in Main-story

She first appeared at the start of Annie's ninth year when she and Kat were having a fight. At first they thought Lindsey was a monster, but when she got to explain herself they realized she was not. Lindsey then gave the two some advice.

When the girls snuck out of the dorm she was apparently asleep. Later that night, she contacted her husband telepathically to ask what they were doing.

When Reynardine left his room to visit Daniel R Schiff's grave he passed her.

At the end of the school year, in chapter 49, Lindsey was the one who invited the girls of Queslett to the cruise. She also came with them herself.


  • Bud and Lindsey's names are likely a reference to the movie The Abyss and their appearance are based on Merostomata.
  • Her species, Merostomatozon, is an original creature made up by Tom based on Eurypterids and other Merostomata.

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