Chapter 24, Page 7
Laser Cows

One of the laser cows

Laser Cows (all named Elsie, but also identified with L.C. [number] as marked off on their bodies) are robots that keep the grass in Young's Park all nice and trim. They're just like real cows. Only with lasers. They can talk, however, when they do it is in a very robotic way, always stating what it is they say first, for example "auditory response: Moo".

Bob enjoys their help. They were apparently built by Diego. They refuse to clean the monument to Sir Young from the vegetation that grows over it; perhaps this was intentionally programmed into them by Diego, who had a grudge against Sir Young.

Apart from lasering the grass to kingdom come, they also extinguish any fires, however small, which might appear inside the park. Antimony created fires with her Blinker stone that they could not detect however.

First seen

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