Juliette is an employee at the court who appears to be in charge of technical duties. She is an acquaintance of Jones, and has been working with a robot for ages, as said in Chapter 28, Page 26.


She first appears when Renard is stuck in The Power Station. She as well as many other court employees show up to check on the security breach. However, she does not make herself known until Jones asks Aata to have some of his subordinates operate the station. Juliette and a robot coworker of hers take this role.

Under orders of Jones, Juliette then activates the power station's collection stage, drawing water from the lake beneath. Later while she and her robot friend are joking around, Jones orders her to releases the ether/water collected from the lake into the air and then shut everything down.

She later appears in Chapter 56: New Data, where it is revealed that she and her robot friend have been spying on Kat's work for some time. When the Robot reveals that there is a Shadow Man with a human-like form posing as student, she and the robot decide to monitor him closely.

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