Jackalopy is a yet unnamed character whom used to be a horned female rabbit (jackalope) but was transformed into a male human before attending Gunnerkrigg Court. His best friend is Snuffle.


Jackalopy was born in Gillitie Wood and was allegedly smarter than your typical forest creature. At one point she befriended Snuffle and later gave her her name.

However, one day she decided she wanted to become human because a human's mind is more important than an animal's. To that end, she and Snuffle attended the Gathering to welcome the new mediums of the Forest and the Court. There, Snuffle spoke to medium Antimony Carver and Andrew Smith about becoming human.

At the end of summer, Jackalopy met with Antimony and Coyote to start the process of becoming human. Coyote drew the lifeforce out of her body and turned it into a totem. Antimony then took the totem to a laboratory where new bodies are grown for people such as Jackalopy.

When Jackalopy awoke as a human, his new body was filled with new experiences, such as how big his hands were, and how useful they were compared to his former bunny-self. He also had to relearn most basic skills, such as walking and speaking as well as reading and counting. He also learned how to use a computer, which would be very important to his studying, which started soon after.

Not long after start of the semester, Andrew and Antimony brought Jackalopy back to the forest. At first Jack didn't recognize Antimony (possibly due to shorter hair), but when she shows her fire-elemental side, he does and immediately acts more friendly towards her. He then finds the way to a place where he meets Snuffle, whom eventually recognizes him.

Later, Snuffle was brought to the Court where Jack told her and the other students of his experience as a human, and student at Gunnerkrigg. After class Jackalopy and Snuffle met James Eglamore and Parley, then they ate lunch before Snuffle was brought back to the Forest.

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