You might be looking for Jack Hyland.

Hyland was the father of Jack Hyland and also a student in Queslett House at the same time as Anja, Eglamore, Surma, Donald Donlan and Anthony Carver. He was quite a jerk who considered those with etheric abilities "freaks", and in Chapter 22, Page 6, he very nearly used a heavy profanity in regards to Surma. Thankfully the angry Eglamore managed to punch him before Hyland could corrupt the innocent readers. Later in the series, his son, Jack Hyland mentions that he is on a research project. Jack also states that his father said Surma was nice.

As with the Annan Waters and James Eglamore the name of Hyland might have been inspired by one of Kate Rusbys songs. In this case "Matt Hyland".

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