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Gunnerkrigg Court Wiki is a collaborative unofficial encyclopedia chronicling Tom Siddell's comic series Gunnerkrigg Court and its surrounding ideas and topics.

' In the interests of being comprehensive, this wiki will contain spoilers.'

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All hail the Angel - the Machine Goddess, Demiurge of Robotkind, Divinity of Metal, Herald of Greater Realms.
Katerina Donlan is Antimony's best friend and the daughter of Anja and Donald Donlan. She is a gifted mechanic, is enthusiastic about anything related to technology, but specializes in robotics. She is the only one able to read the Code Cube and is worshiped as a Goddess by most of the Court's robots. (Read more...)

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Chapter 95: Page 3 - - July 22, 2024

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Chapter 95: Page 2 - - July 19, 2024

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Chapter 95: Tendril - - July 17, 2024

A new chapter begins! Thank you all for continuing to read the comic. --------------------- Did you...

Bonus Page 92 - - July 15, 2024

Omega and Charles Thank you for reading! A new chapter begins Wednesday!...