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Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Six: Dissolve is the sixth published graphic novel of the Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic written by Thomas Siddell. It was released 6 February 2018.

It comprises chapters fifty to fifty-nine, and concerns the first semester of Antimony's fourth year at the school.

Official Synopsis

Antimony's adventures at the mysterious Gunnerkrigg Court continue. It's a new year and Annie is settling into her job as the forest medium, while Kat continues her work with the robots. It's not long before a not-so-happy reunion causes everything to change and call into question the life Annie has built for herself at the Court. Learning about secret histories, helping with the transfer of animal spirits, bowling with friends. Annie has to find a way to deal with it all before she can think about finally helping a lost soul. Antimony's adventures continue in Tom Siddell's acclaimed webcomic series, Gunnerkrigg Court, collected in paperback for the first time.



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