Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Four: Materia is the fourth published graphic novel of the Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic by Tom Siddell. The book has been distributed by Archaia Entertainment since 30 July 2013.

It comprises chapters thirty-two to forty-one of the comic, and concerns the first half of Antimony Carver's third year at the school.


The fourth volume in the ever-popular Gunnerkrigg Court series, based on Tom Siddell's hit webcomic! Annie returns from the forest and begins her third year at the Court. Her experience has left her changed, causing Kat to worry as they both struggle to find their place while their life changes around them. Together with their friends, they start to form a plan of action to deal with the tortured ghost they encountered the previous year, and in doing so, help Robot and Shadow form a new bond after a terrible accident. Annie continues to develop her powers and even takes part in a class full of former-fairies and animals, while Kat uncovers the mysteries of the ancient Court robots. Meanwhile, the search for the next Court Medium is drawing to a close, bringing with it new dangers and new revelations about the people Annie and Kat have met.


This volume comprises the following chapters:

Differences between Online and Physical Copies

These are the differences between the first printing of the hardcover collected edition published July 2013 and the online web pages.


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