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Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic, written and drawn by Tom Siddell, detailing the adventures of Antimony Carver at the eponymous boarding school which involves mythical creatures, conspiracies, robots and much more.


Tom Siddell has published four books up until 2015. The planned publication date for the fifth book is May 2015. There are also three issues of side comics, titled Beyond the Walls with more being planned. Tom has stated that when they have all been released he 'might' collect them all in one book.[1]


  1. Gunnerkrigg Court: Orientation, published in 2008, encompasses the first 14 chapters.
  2. Gunnerkrigg Court: Research (2010) holds chapters 15 to 22 and City Face.
  3. Gunnerkrigg Court: Reason (2011) holds chapters 23 to 31 and City Face.
  4. Gunnerkrigg Court: Materia (30 July 2013) holds chapter 32 to 41 and City Face.
  5. Gunnerkrigg Court: Refine (25 August 2015) holds chapter 42 to 49 and City Face.
  6. Gunnerkrigg Court: Dissolve (6 February 2018) holds chapter 50 to 59 and City Face.
  7. Gunnerkrigg Court: Synthesis (10 September 2019) holds chapter 60 to 68 and Questions from Readers.

Beyond the Walls

  1. Annie In The Forest, a two-part side story containing one chapter not found in the books each. Both released in 2013.
  2. Traveller, one issue of a chapter not contained in any other book. Released 11. 06. 2015 (On Topatoco)[2]



  • Nominated for International Clickies Award[citation needed]
  • Winner of Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards as Best Newcomer[3]


  • Nominated for Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards as Outstanding Comic, Long Form Comic and Fantasy Comic[citation needed]


  • Winner of Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards as Best Dramatic Comic[citation needed]
  • Winner of ForeWord Magazine's Gold Award as Graphic Novel of the Year (book 1)[citation needed]


  • Nominated for Cybils Award as Best Young Adult Graphic Novel (book 1)[citation needed]


  • Featured (very briefly) at the end of the comics documentary Stripped[4]


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