Surma Anthony Good Hope

Anthony and Surma Carver at Good Hope

Good Hope is the hospital where Antimony was born, and where she lived with her mother afterwards, while her mother was bed-ridden.

Antimony's father was a surgeon there for some time, but by the time of Chapter 3: Reynardine he had quit.

Good Hope was where Annie first met and began to help the Guides. Good Hope has a higher-than-usual number of guides, but other than that is a regular hospital.

Known Patients and Personel

  • Surma Carver: since the birth of her daughter until she died roughly 11 years later.
  • Anthony Carver: Worked as a surgeon from before Annie was born, until right after Surma's death.
  • Martin: After he was hurt in the fire that destroyed his home. He died in the hospital not long after. This was maybe five years before the main-story.
  • Ms Tolikna: Died in the hospital and was collected by Muut. This is the first person Annie saw being helped by a Psychopomps.

In Real Life

There is, in fact, at least one Good Hope hospital in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.[1] Esteemed author Tom Siddell had his appendix out in Good Hope hospital.[2]

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