Gold is a soft yellow metal, prized by humans for its shiny purtiness.

In Alchemy

Gold was associated with "physical, mental and spiritual perfection."[1]. The substance is often represented by a circle with a dot in the center, sometimes with a triangle-and-curlicue flourish on the upper right of the circle, or a number of other variations that bear some resemblance to a sun (there are also a number of versions of the symbol that don't look like the sun). Unsurprisingly, the symbol for gold is also used to represent the sun, which "dominates" gold in alchemical tradition.

In Gunnerkrigg Court

Appearances of (what looks to be) the gold symbol:

The sign for gold shows up multiple times in the backgrounds of scenes in the Court, similarly to the that for Bismuth, with which it frequently appears. Whether this means that the symbol for gold also serves as an unofficial logo or insignia for the Court is unclear.

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