There are a lot of fonts used in Gunnerkrigg Court. This page lists them all. A lot of them come from the website Blambot, devoted to comic lettering.

Identified fonts

Chapter titles, "Gunnerkrigg Court" logo, some signs Spirit Medium
Text in speech balloons Ale & Wenches
Sound effects in early chapters (e.g. "tap tap tap" in Chapter 1, Page 6 Cajun Boogie
Signs in Chapter 1, Page 7, Chapter 1, Page 8, Chapter 3, Page 17, also sound effects in e.g. Chapter 9, Page 5 and Chapter 11, Page 18 Black boys on mopeds
Signs in Chapter 1, Page 3 and Chapter 1, Page 4, labels on map in Chapter 1, Page 5 Times New Roman
"Mythology 4 Kidz!" (Chapter 2, Page 6), sound effects in Chapter 8, Page 6 Badaboom
Sign on "Secret Train" (Chapter 3, Page 18); Title of end-of-chapter stories (e.g. Chapter 5, Page 1, Chapter 6, Page 1 and Chapter 7, Page 1); often vertically compressed to fit. Benegraphic
"Hardwick and Little's Bestiary" font (Chapter 4, Page 1) Courier New
"WEEEOOOOOO" sound effect (Chapter 7, Page 2) Mistral
The Tic-Toc's "BEEEEE!" (Chapter 7, Page 22) Fixedsys
Shadow 2's vocalizations in Chapter 8 (e.g. Chapter 8, Page 9), "SWIT" from Chapter 8, Page 23 Mouth Breather
"FWOOSH!" from Chapter 8, Page 17, sound effects in Chapter 10 (e.g. Chapter 10, Page 6) ACME Secret Agent
The "Regional Fairies" header from Chapter 9, Page 2 Cretino
Chapter title of "Doctor Disaster Versus The Creepy Space Aliens..." Chapter 10, Page 3, "The End?" Chapter 11, Page 1. Distorted/written along paths. Mars Attacks
Dialogue in "Harry Potter" guest comic (Chapter 14, Page 40) Anime Ace 2.0
Dialogue in "the optometrist" guest comic (Chapter 14, Page 44) Zud Juice
"Black Dogs of the British Isles" (Chapter 17, Page 2) Bridgnorth
Text on student transfer form (Chapter 18, Page 22) Arial
"Terror Castle of the Jupiter Moon Martians..." header (Chapter 23, Page 3), "MISSION COMPLETE" (Chapter 23, Page 5) Armor Piercing
The title and credit pages of the extra comics Annie in the Forest 1&2 and Traveller LithosPro Bold and regular

Unindentified fonts

In trying to identify fonts, you can try and use tools such as Identifont (which asks you questions about the font's appearance) or What The Font (you upload an image containing the letters and it tries to match them to known fonts).

Keep in mind that some sound effects, signs etc. are not written in a font, but with Tom Siddell's own handwriting.

  • "ZUUUUU" from Chapter 8, Page 24. Considering how distorted these letters are, this font could be anything.
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