The Fire Elemental

Flame Elemental as depicted in Chapter 31

The Fire Elemental is an etheric species first mentioned in chapter 31.  Not much is known about them but the fact that they were Antimony and Surma's ancestors.


What we do know about the non-human fire elementals is mostly from Tom's now defunct formspring Q&A:

  • When a fire elemental is born, the mother will still wither, meaning that the number of fire elementals can never increase.
  • Though there are no longer any fire elementals in Gillitie Wood there are some in other places of the world.

Human Elemental Hybrids

Human and Elemental

A hypothetical first union between a flame elemental and a human.

Long ago, a human fell in love with a fire elemental, their decendents were born with power over fire. However, these abilities came with a price. Whenever a fire elemental parent has a child, that child will slowly obsorb the flame, or spirit, of their parent. Parent and child will be unable to part during that time, as they both share the same inner flame. This process tragically results in the eventual death of the parent.


List of Appearances


  • Fire Elementals may have some connection to phoenixes , as both species obtains new life by arising from the remains of their predecessor. Additionally, when Antimony was showing Kat how to summon her inner self, a form of what could be described as a phoenix can be seen above her.
  • Tom once stated he would like to make the story about the very first human/fire elemental union. [1]


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