Diego is a deceased etheric roboticist who worked for The Court.


The first thing known about him is that he was present at the planting of the Seed Bismuth.

It is known that he loved the woman Jeanne from afar despite her having a lover from Gillitie Wood already. Diego tried to win her over by constructing a number of robots for her and programming them to love her (it is unknown when this started but it is only seen happening after the separation).

At some point after the separation, Diego brings Jeanne another of his robots, and during the course of the conversation confesses his love and tells her that she need never think of her tree elf lover again, as she will have Diego and his creations who he has instructed to love Jeanne. Enraged, Jeanne chases him out of the room and starts destroying the robots he made for her.

This incident seems to have been the catalyst for Diego's obsession becoming murderous. Soon after, he participates in a conspiracy to have Jeanne's lover murdered - not only did he constructed some sort of arrow with unknown abilities which Steadman was to use, but Sir Young calls him the architect of the entire scheme. He was also the one who insisted that Jeanne be the sacrifice - saying (whether truthfully or not) that the plan would not work with anyone else.

After Jeanne's death Diego made an amphitheater with a robot to symbolize himself and one to symbolize Sir Young where they act out a scripted battle.

By the time he died an old man, he was full of regret at Jeanne death. Instead of facing his actions, however, he had managed to convince himself that it was Sir Young who had forced him to devise the plan to kill Jeanne's lover, and bore a powerful hatred towards him. This is further evidenced by the robots. He created all the robots in the court, but none of them seem to like Sir Young, and the laser cows refuse to clear the area around Sir Young's memorial.


After his death, Old Robot and the other court robots knew there would be no one else who could fix them if they did not change. So, they created new robots with a simpler build so that they could fix themselves and then all the original models that were still alive locked themselves down in the Tomb to die.

To this day, the new model robots are still around and they even kept some of Diego's original blueprints.

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