Cruisebot is a nickname given to a huge cruise ship robot owned by The Court. In Zimmyngham he appears as a whale skeleton.


One of the fingers

The ship itself also houses a number of "fingers", robots that are networked with the ship and does not have their own CPU as they are all connected to Cruisebot's.


Cruisebot has for an unknown time taken the children of year 9 on a cruise at the end of the schoolyear. Cruisebot has also for some time had a crush on Lindsey,who swims in the ocean with him these days. Unfortinately he feels that she doesn't notice him as he's just a shell of glass and metal.

During Antimony's ninth year, this cruise was a little different as Cruisebot had teamed up with the Seraph Squad to have Katerina Donlan make him flesh so Lindsey will finally notice, and hopefully fall in love with him. The seraphs also kidnaped zimmy in order to distort reality so it will be easier for Kat to make flesh.

During this reality distortion Kat makes half a whale body for Cruiseship. When the distortion is over the body Kat made lies on the floor unconscious. Kat then takes a live cord and zaps the body.

The CPU is then removed to steer the ship manualy. The CPU was presumably taken to the Robot Infrastructure for research.

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