Coyote's Tooth

Coyote's Tooth unsheathed.

Coyote's Tooth is a gift given to Annie by Coyote in Chapter 26. Plucked from his own mouth, Coyote's tooth transforms into a blade in Annie's hands.

The significance of Coyote's gift is not yet known.


According to Coyote it can "cut the very earth". It is also the only known thing sharp enough to separate the Shadow People from the ground. The blade can be transformed back and forth from its tooth form, a fact Annie uses to keep it inside Reynardine's mouth.

Unsheathed, the sound of Coyote's laughter can be heard from the blade.


Coyote plucked a tooth from his own mouth and gave it to Annie as a gift of apology for making her unintentionally intrude on Ysengrin during her second visit to the forest.

The tooth is not seen or mentioned until Annie's third visit. While discussing her staying in the forest for the summer, Coyote stops time to tell her she's not allowed to tell anyone about it. Coyote then places a magic bind which would snip off her hand should she tell anyone. When Annie returns from the forest the bind is magically removed and she can finally speak of the tooth again. During Annie's stay the tooth was kept by Reynardine.

At some point Annie and Kat tried testing the edge of the blade and found it could easily cut an iron girder, and even steel bearing dropped from above.

Later Annie reveals the tooth as an option against Jeanne, but within seconds of wielding it, Parley carelessly cuts Robot across the torso and arms, and then cuts Shadow 2 as well when she drops it. After this debacle Parley goes back to her trusty longsword.

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