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This page is about the chapter, for the character of the same name, see Jeanne

Jeanne is the 59th chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


Antimony, Kat, Parley, and Andrew finally confront Jeanne. With Blue's etheric warping powers and Andrew's luck, they trap Jeanne in a recreation of the old court to distract the ghost and allow Annie to use her etheric form to retrieve Diego's Arrow from the riverbed.

Once Annie touches the arrow, she finds herself trapped in a maze with the ghost of Jeanne's elf lover with no way out. Meanwhile, the illusion starts to fall apart as Jeanne realizes that she's been tricked. She destroys Robot's body, and nearly kills Blue before Parley uses her dragon-slayer abilities to jump to her defense and Andrew's powers interfere. Jeanne escapes the illusion and frees herself from Andrew's hold. The ghost then challenges Parley to a fight without any tricks.

Kat, who has been watching from a boat on the river, reluctantly uses a mysterious device to wake Annie from the ether. In the maze, Annie sees something that resembles what may be Kat's etheric form tearing the maze apart. Annie and the elf look on in shock.

The chapter ends.

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