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New Data is the 56th chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


Kat is testing new modifications for Robot's new body with Paz in her storage room. Robot's left arm has been replaced with machinery similar to bare human musculature, the arm is held up by wires and supported by Robot, who is standing. Robot can't understand why he can't access the modified arm, but Kat explains that she's only installed the hardware and hasn't activated the interface yet. Kat tells him that he won't be "activating" it like his other limbs, hence the test.

Kat apologizes to Robot for using him as a guinea pig, but Robot only sees as an honourable service and he asks how he can control the new arm. Kat asks him if he remembers those experimental limbs that she accidentally destroyed. Which he does, of course. She explains that the carbon structure of the limbs she creates require very little energy, so his power source could quickly overwhelm any new body she makes for him. To counter this, she installed several limiters to the arm so it won't get overloaded. She continues, explaining that he won't be sending signals to the arm like he usually does because she deciphered the instructional language the robots already use to create an interface that emulates how humans control their limbs. Robot can't understand how his arm will work like a human's, so Kat explains that the arm will get stronger and more defined the more it's used. The more he "grows" into it, the more it will adapt to his needs -- like the human body.

Kat notices that Paz has been practically swooning all over this. When Kat asks about it, Paz tells her that she likes watching her work because Kat hasn't been very happy lately and it was nice to see her smiling for once.

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