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Meetings and Re-Meetings is the 54th chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter opens with Coyote's narration. He talks about a meeting held between the court and the forest. He is angry that Annie can't return to the forest. When he it told why, he throws a tantrum and knocks over an empty building. He also doesn't recognize Annie. Anja's protection symbol appears briefly and the court throws Annie's father at his feet.

Anthony doesn't want to send Antimony to the forest because he wants her to be safe. Coyote mocks the "broken man" and tells him that she's happier in the forest and she is the only one that cares about him. Anthony lets her return to the forest. Coyote's narration ends.

The scene changes to the events afterward. Antimony meets up with Andrew and the now human jackalope. They go to the forest, Ysengrin is disappointed that she cut of her emotions and took her advice too far. He destroys her blinker stone and Annie nearly burns him to a crisp before the Jackalope Kid walks over to her and she stops herself in time. Annie takes the child to the clearing to meet with the green faerie.

Jackalope remembers the Green Faerie's (now revealed to be named "Snuffle") true name to her delight. While they talk, Ysengrin walks over to Annie. She says she isn't apologizing, as that blinker stone was a gift from a friend she will never see again. She is now determined to rescue Reynardine from her father. The chapter ends.

Characters Featured

Characters introduced

  • Jackalope Kid (as human)

Places Featured


  • The cover for this chapter is the first to be drawn in this style.


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