Totem is the fiftieth chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here. This chapter marks the start of Volume 6, as well as the end of another summer.


Summer holliday is about to end, and Annie is visiting Coyote one last time before school starts. The previously seen horned rabbit shows up to undergo the ritual to become human. Coyote explains a bit about life and mind before he drags the Rabbit's out off it as a totem, then gives it to Annie. Annie then leaves to bring it to the court. On her way she meets Andrew Smith whom has also spent the summer at the court. Annie tells him about the totem and they then go to the institution where bodies are made for the forest creatures.

Here they meet an individual that explains the court's role in this body switching. The two of them then leave and after a bit split up. Annie walk to her new room for this year, where she sees Katerina Donlan. They start talking, but Annie quickly finds that Paz is also there. Annie then figgures the two of them might need some privacy and leaves them alone so she can check on Reynardine

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  • The interior of Kat's and Annie's new room is based on Monica and Rachel's appartment in friends[1]. Rey's Appartment is also based on the appearance of Joey and Chandler's, additionally, the two robots are based on the two characters.


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