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Not Very Scary is the fourth chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It can be found here.


After studying a bonsai tree in the research lab, Annie is walking to her next class when she discovers the door is missing. She is then approached by a ghost, who fails to scare her even remotely.

The ghost, Mort, asks Annie how to be scary, and she suggests a more subtle approach. She then gives Mort an idea which he decides to try out...

Paz, a Spanish student, is walking through the halls when she discovers a necessary door is missing. She is then bumped into by a balloon, which lures her through the halls, into a room containing a three-ring circus full of eyeless clown mannequins. One of the mannequins, in Spanish, says "What lovely eyes you have, Paz." He pulls out a rusty saw. "Will you give them to me?" Needless to say, Paz is terrified, and she runs out of the room screaming.

The room dissolves, proving to be an illusion created by Mort. Annie, who was there the whole time, congratulates the ghost on a job well done. Mort asks how Annie knew Paz would be so scared. Annie replies, "Nobody likes clowns."

Characters introduced in this chapter

Notes and Trivia

  • This is so far the shortest chapter as it has only nine pages, including the frontpage.


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