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The Torn Sea is the 49th chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.

This chapter marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Five: Refine.


The schoolyear is over, and as a celebration, Lindsey invites the students of year 9 to a cruise. At first, the children have a very good time, but at the height of the event, the Seraph Squad appears and reveals that they will use this opportunity in order to use Zimmy's abilities to distort the area around. That way, their angel, Katerina Donlan will be able to work on her experiments faster than before. While this is done they keep most of the students captive so they can't meddle with the experiment.

Fortunately, a number of them escape, and Antimony, with the help of Jack and Jenny, are able to contact Reynardine, whom then passes the message on to the Robot King which sends out a rescue team. Eventually the Seraph Squad and the Ship is defeated, the fleshy experiment is executed and the ship's CPU is taken to the Robot Infrastructure.

At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that Kat plans to stay at the court with Annie for the summer, and that Robot himself was behind the menacing plans of the Seraphs.

Characters Featured

Places Featured

  • The Cruisebot
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Zimmyngham
  • Warehouse 113


  • This is possibly the longest of all chapters so far.


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