Catalyst is the fourty-second chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


After being selected as forest and court mediums, Annie and Smitty visit the forest and find themselves biting off a lot more than they can chew.

The chapter opens in medias res with Annie cackling madly as Smitty follows closely behind, running our of the forest together. When they pass Parley and Eglamore near the bridge, their eyes widen and they begin running too.

The scene cuts forward to Annie recounting the days events to Katerina Donlan, who wants to hear more. However, Annie wants to hear about Kat's situation with the love letter she had received in the previous chapter. Kat persuades Annie to carry on, but indicates that she has an idea who sent the love letter to her.

Annie resumes her story, starting from the beginning of her excursion into the forest with Smitty. They run into a Chickarney, a creature which brings good luck upon being helped. This Chickarney describes a marble it had lost, and Smitty, having happened to have one in his picket, gives it to the Chickarney to replace the old one.

The Chickarney brings friends to the helpful court medium, asking him many little, easily accomplished tasks. However, as he helps the forest creatures, more and more show up, forming a massive stampede which sweeps him and Annie out of the forest.

The flashback ends, and Parley, Smitty, and Annie commiserate on the day's happenings. In the meantime, Kat goes to confront Bobby (Paz's companion robot) about the love letter. He confirms that he did indeed write the letter, and Kat rejects what she perceives as his advances. However, as she leaves the building, Kat runs into Paz, who tells her that although Bobby helped write the letter, Paz was the one who sent it. Paz then asks Kat if she would like to go out, an offer that Kat accepts.

Forest Creatures Introduced in this Chapter

Notes and Trivia

  • The events of this chapter are dismissed as fake by a forest creature in Chapter 48.
  • This chapter marks the beginning of Kat's relationship with Paz.


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