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The Stone is the fortieth chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter opens immediately after the events in the previous chapter. Antimony, still a little roughened up after the events in the forest, barges into Jones' office and demands to know what she is once and for all. Jones then calmly recounts her existence from the present day in the court, to her earliest memories. The story is shown in a series of flashbacks. The previous day, Jones visits Headmaster Landwellen in his office. She presents him a folder containing her recommendation for the new court medium. She states that "she" is the obvious choice, the headmaster glances at her work tells her that the court will choose a date to announce the next medium.

A Week Ago, Jones is shown in a casual setting with James Eglamore. It is late at night in what appears to be James' living room. They are on a couch, she is sitting while he lay on her lap, possibly asleep. In one hand Jones holds a book, while she fiddles the man's hair with the other. A fallen newspaper and an empty plate is in the front of the couch. Behind, a shelf full of various awards, decorative knives and a dish.

Years Ago, on a green sunny field, Jones is shown walks up to bruised and bandaged James. She places a hand on his shoulder and they watch two Rojat Orjaks flying in the distance.

Several Years Ago, Jones is shown in a distraught James after he discovers that Surma had decided to be with Anthony instead of him. Jones comforts him by telling him that she would always be there for him, and kisses him (somewhat awkwardly) on the cheek.

Many years ago, Jones introduces Donald Donlan to James, during the former's first day at the court.

Decades ago, Jones travels to a six year old Eglamore's house to bring him to live at the Court, from this point on she was his companion.

Several decades ago, she is shown in as a worker filling factory that had been recently bombed in the chaos of World War 2. Two other workers help her out of the rubble and inform her that her companion Edward Jones is dying. She promises him that she will take the name Jones.

The comic eventually returns to the present as Jones explains more of her nature and eventually about Coyote's theory.

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