Parley and Smitty Are In This One is the thirty-fifth chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


Annie, Kat, Reynardine and Andrew meet up outside of the school gym hall. After a moment Parley show up as well, telling Andrew not to mind things she or her friends are about to say.

Her and two of her friends January and Lily Cooke show up, at first the two friends start mocking Annie and Kat for their uniforms and age until they notice Andrew and starts questioning Parley about him. Parley denies any sort of relations. Parley finally gets her friends to leave and then comes back for the others.

They all enter the hall, while Robot enters through a high window with Shadow 2 in tow, as usual. Parley puts on her swordfighting equipment and informs the reader about their plan where she'll keep Jeanne occupied while the others meddle with Diego's Arrow to free her, and that she aims to put up a proper fight when said time comes. She then starts swordfighting with Robot.

After a short instance of fighting, it is revealed that Robot is not giving this fight his all, Parley asks him to do as well as he can, and is then beaten in a matter of moments time after time. Eventually Parley tries a new trick, she teleports behind Robot and hits him with her sword repeatedly, thus easily dodging any attack. She calls this manuever The Unsichtbarhau.

When the fight is over Parley questions her choice of weapon, at this point Annie and Reynardine bring out Coyote's Tooth to let Parley try it, trying to explain just how sharp it is. In her doubt, Parley manages to cut Robot in half and dropp the sword so it cuts Shadow off of the floor too. Parley teleports Kat and Robot to Kat's Storage Room where she fixes him up.

Not long after, Robot's body has been rebuilt and Shadow comes to see him, he's now walking as a three-dimensional creature and wearing clothes. The two are reunited and Parley starts crying.

On the bonus page, Parley makes out with Andrew in front of her two friends to make up for the way she treated him earlier.

Characters introduced in this chapter

Notes and Trivia

January & Lily

The drawing found on Tom's tumblr account

  • On page 957 Katerina shows her first signs of being uncertain about her sexuality after starting to wonder in the previous chapter.
  • The name Parley comes up with for the maneuver - Unsichtbarhau - is impropper German and could be translated to something like "The unseen advance".
  • For the bonus page, Tom made a drawing of January and Lily and what they were talking about before Parley and Andrew showed up, this drawing can be seen to the right.


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