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Schoolyard Myths is the second chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It can be found here.


The chapter begins in Mrs. Donlan's class. Annie nonchalantly puts off a nasty comment by Winsbury, much to his disdain, just as the class bell rings. As Annie leaves, the well-mannered Kat Donlan calls to her and invites her to play in the playground.

Later on, the students are assigned a research assignment in mythology class. Annie and Kat decide to work together, and they go to the library to research the Minotaur.

After finding less-than-desirable material in the library's main section, they decide to go to its old wing. Among other odd discoveries, they there come upon a secret passage to a labyrinth under the school.

They follow the labyrinth and accidentally scare the Minotaur of legend, who prefers to be called Basil. They take him back to mythology class the next day and Basil gives his own interesting account of the legend of Theseus. As the Minotaur politely leaves, Annie wonders aloud to Kat whether all of their homework will be as exciting.

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Notes and Trivia

See: Tom's Commentary for this Chapter
  • Tom named Anja Donlan after a teacher that he had really liked.
  • The paintings on Chapter 2, Page 7 is a reference to the movie The Peanut Butter Solution, which Tom saw when he lived in the United States of America as a child. Tom had intended the paintings to foreshadow a future plot point which he later decided to omit.


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