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Terror Castle of the Jupiter Moon Martians is the twenty-third chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter starts in the Imaging Chamber where Antimony Carver, Andrew Smith and George Parley are in a simulation to retrieve an artifact from Terror Castle for the frog king. The simulation has just started, but Andrew's ability manifests itself and the artifact appears at his feet, abruptly ending the simulation. Parley is annoyed at Andrew for messing up the simulation. Upon exiting the imaging chamber, they are met by Jones and Randy Disaster. Randy apologises to Jones for the glitch in the simulation and gives her some flowers and chocolates. Jones explains that a new simulation will be starting soon. Annie and Reynardine tease Andrew about Parley liking him whilst they wait for her to change for the next simulation.

The new simulation is based on Gillitie Wood and is a representation of the beginnings of the court. Several characters from both the court and the wood are shown as present, around something called the Seed Bismuth, an artifact somehow involved in the creation of the court. Jones explains about the origins of the court whilst handing out flowers to everyone, explaining that Diego, Sir Young, Steadman and the Artilleryman are there to represent the court. Annie asks about Jeanne, but Jones doesn't know anything about her. Jones then pushes Andrew towards parley who thinks that he is giving her a flower. Parley's ability then manifests and she teleports them all to her bedroom, much to her embarrassment. Jones explains this as the ability to distort space before Parley throws them all out of her room.

Outside, Jones explains that Dr. Disaster gave her the flowers because he is smitten with her, and asks Annie about Jeanne before leaving. Reynardine then decides to ask Annie about relationships before she is accosted by Jack Hyland, who asks her about Zimmy. He is scared off by Reynardine when he starts getting pushy.

Characters introduced in this chapter

Notes and Trivia

  • After Parley has teleported the gang out of the simulation and they end up on her bed, Jones is sinking further into the mattress than the others, hinting to her unusual weight.== Navigation ==
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