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Ties is the twenty-second chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter starts with a flashback to six of the earlier students, now teachers, having a photograph taken. They are Anthony Carver, Anja, Donald Donlan, James Eglamore, Surma Stibnite and Brinnie. Some of the students leave by various means, including Brinnie teleportng, leaving Surma, Donald and Anja and James. The teleporting exit causes some of the other students, who don't like displays of etheric abilities, so start throwing insults, and James throws a punch at Hyland in retaliation. Mr. Thorn breaks up the fight and orders James to his office. Thorn reprimands James, but tells him that he has a future at the Court.

Elsewhere, alarms are going off and Anja, Donald and Surma are stopped by several Model B robots telling them that the corridor is closed. A dog made from wood then bursts through the window before running off down the corridor. Donald temporarily disables the robots to allow them to pass. Up on the roof of the building they find the dog again, which some robots are trying to control. Another wooden dog appears above them and Anja creates a force field to stop it attacking them. Mr. Thorn appears and kills one of the dogs and several shadows flee it into the building. Mr. Thorne leaves on his Rogat Orjak to chase the other one which has climbed higher up the building.

Characters introduced in this chapter

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first full-flashback chapter.
  • After this chapter Tom took a two week break. During this break the first part of City Face (comic) was released.


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