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Blinking is the twenty-first chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


As the court robots continue to arrive to see the painting of Jeanne, Anja decides to teach Antimony how to use her blinker stone. Though Kat is skeptical of its properties, Anja teaches Antimony how to see around the location of the stone, and teleport it back to the owners hand. It is explained that not many people can use blinker stones, but Antimony seems to be able to use it very well.

Anja explains to Kat and Antimony about the nature of magic, and the fusion of magic and science into the etheric sciences. The eye pendant Anja wears around her neck is revealed as a device that uses both magic and computers, and creates a ward that was devised to stop Reynardine from using his power to transfer bodies. The court is apparently not interested in the research because it contains etheric technology and cannot be explained using pure science.

Whilst Anja and Kat talk about computer jargon, Antimony decides to spy on Reynard using the blinker stone, but Reynard notices her.

Antimony tells Anja that it was Mort who gave her the blinker stone, and Anja reveals that they are usually given between couples, and that Donald gave Anja hers. Antimony and Kat visit Mort and Antimony gets angry with him for giving her the stone, as that would imply some sort of relationship. She storms off leaving the stone behind. Mort's feeling are hurt, but he explains that it wasn't his idea to give Antimony the stone after all. Muut was the person with the stone, and made out that it was Mort's idea to avoid the accusation that he was interfering with the living world, after which, Mort disappears.

To sort matters out, Antimony kills an ant to attract the attention of Ketrak, so she can contact Muut. Muut says that he helped Antimony because he needed her help to deal with the ghost of Jeanne. Antimony gives Muut a letter of apology to give to Mort, which he delivers by scaring him witless.

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