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A Ghost Story is the sixteenth chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter begins with Antimony sitting under a tree. Nearby, a spider kills its prey and Antimony sees an invisible Psychopomp, Ketrak who has come to collect the soul of the dead insect. Kat arrives and asks what she is doing, Antimony explains and asks if Kat wants to see the psychopomp. Kat lets out a loud scream after seeing the invisible being and Antimony asks Ketrak to leave. Kat notices Antimony does not like having them around. Antimony starts to relate a story about her first meeting with the psychopomp, Muut.

Antimony met Muut in Good Hope, the hospital she lived in with her mother and father. Muut noticed she was Surma's daughter and asked her if she would like to visit a dying patient in a neighboring room. The young Antimony had no idea what the visits were for at the time. Later on, two psychopomps, Mallt-y-nos and Moddey Dhoo visit Surma and ask the help of Antimony to settle a dispute. The spirit of a dead boy named Martin is stuck in the hospital, and the two spirits both have a claim on him. Antimony finds Martin playing with a salamander and slowly comes to understand that he was burned in a fire he started. Antimony leads him to the two psychopomps and Martin chooses to go with Mallt-y-nos.

Before Moddey dhoo leaves, he tells Antimony, "The world continues to spin, pup. The boy and his family will ensure it." This is possibly referring to another realm of existence, or aether existing in the Gunnerkrigg universe. Kat and Antimony compare the ghost of Annan Waters to Martin, and how she could possibly be stuck like the boy.

The chapter ends with Antimony remembering what her mother told her before sending her to help Martin, "Always remember I will never send you into danger."

Characters introduced

  • Ketrak - Yet unseen by the reader.

Notes and Trivia

See Tom's Commentary for this chapter
  • Tom explains the fly and spider conveying animation in Chapter 16, Page 2 was his attempt to explore the balance between prose and detailed animation.
  • Tom originally had Moddey Dhoo be proud of the fact that he was the inspiration for The Hound of the Baskervilles, but that he ended up cutting that scene from the comic. [1].



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