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Red Returns is the fifteenth chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter starts with Antimony running to her new dorm room for Year 8. There's a knock at her door and Kat walks in, fresh from her summer vacation. Antimony cries, being happy to see her again. They talk about their summer experiences and Antimony admits that her father never called her.

At Orientation for Year 8, Antimony and Kat meet Red and Blue, the two fairies from the ravine introduced in Chapter 8. They've passed their tests but Red is unhappy as a human because she doesn't like her body, mostly, her hair. She believes Blue is no longer her friend for this reason.

Antimony suggests Red get her hair cut and styled, and the three take the magnetic levitation train further into the city to go to a hairdresser. On the way, Red tells Antimony that Ysengrin was the one to help them pass the test. Antimony learns that Ysengrin had lied about the damaged Tic Toc. Kat and Red get their hair styled and they all head back to court.

Antimony convinces Blue to talk to red once more. Blue notices Red's new hair cut and begs to be Red's friend again. The chapter ends with Antimony and Kat watching them leave, utterly astonished.

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